The Dos and Don’ts when out on the first date

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The weekend is here. Of late, most people actually lost count on the days of the week. But then weekends do hit differently. It has it’s perfect vibe regardless if you have been free all that week. A weekend just hits in a different mode. Weekends are up for a perfect date. Everyone is relaxed and in the moment not worrying about waking up for work the next day. With the extended curfew hours, today sounds the perfect 7pm date.

It’s probably your first date and you scared and prolly nervous. Here is a heads up, don’t dress completely out of character. Your date obviously wants to meet the real you.

Let’s now get to the point you and help ease your nervousness on the first date. Here are the dos and don’t;

1)The first question that pops up is the place you will go
The first date should have more of conversations. You getting to know each other. Before you even make up your mind on the place you will go, rule out on going to the cinema. As much as it sounds romantic catching a love set movie together, you will hardly have time to have a proper conversation together.

Aim for something to do on a first date. You can decide to go for a walk by the river or park. Have in mind a route that has a nice restaraunt or cafe’. If you getting along well, you definitely will need that for a stop off and have a more relaxed conversation.

2)What should I pick on the menu?
It’s all about being the real you. Order whatever it is you like. If your date orders you something you don’t like, then be bold and tell them you don’t like it. If you are clumsy and messy with food, a plate of spaghetti should be your last option. Save it for date two when you have known each other better because it could be messy him seeing you struggle rolling up the spaghetti.

3)What should we talk about to keep the conversation going?
Relax sis. See if you guys click so well the time you actually first meet, then what to talk on shouldn’t be a problem. You can settle for the question- answer type of conversation. Be mindful on what you ask, don’t dig too deep. You don’t want to have the over – enthusiastic questioning impression on him. Also, be aware of yourself. Your natural response to him his conversation is the best test to working out if he’s a good match.

4)Watch what you say
First dates are suppose to bring on the real you. But at the same time, you hardly know each other. Learn about him first before you go popping on unnecessary questions. Avoid bringing on the negativity or sad happenings in your life. It could scare him that you all needy and desperate. Do not bring on topics about your ex. But to light on,you don’t have to be all super – positive about your life. We all have our flows. If you asked me, perfection scares me away. Almost to perfection is my kind of medicine. Have an exciting view about the future, not showing out you all laden with the past.

If you don’t want to meet him ever, bring up a funny, embarrassing story about yourself. He sure will never want to see you. I have tried it and it worked so perfectly well.

5)What am I going to wear?
This is a question every lady has a task on .You sure should make an effort on this. He asked you out well because he fancied you. He saw something in you. Have something that’s sexy and comfortable. You definitely are not going out with those pyjamas on. Don’t go very casual too. Am sure your wardrobe has that cute dress. Save the catwoman, tomboy look for the third date. Don’t bring in the I can wear anything attitude too soon. And hey sis, a lil make up will do.

6)Did we even click?
Have your concentration on him talking .Don’t let your mind thinking of what to say next. You don’t necessarily have to click immediately, it takes time. If you find yourself thinking he is fantastic, intelligent, gets to you from the way he talks, then don’t let him get away. A first date is all about to asses him. Do be nice to him but don’t make him more important than he is.

7)How do I leave early without seeming rude?
You probably are not enjoying yourself or even the date itself. If you not clicking as you expected, just be honest and kind. Tell them you had the best time of your life but from your own view, you don’t think this will go anywhere .Don’t overrule the relationship basing on his character or look. Be nice sis. You can use work wise excuse that you have a meeting in the morning hence you need to leave early. This sure means it’s a good, goodbye. More of see you around.

8)How can I do myself justice?
This is all about putting across a true version of yourself. But then if you have some habits that prolly will scare him, adjust a bit better than you are, we sure all have done this at some point of our lives. You just don’t have to be entirely someone else. Don’t lie about shopping in the largest mall every afternoon. Don’t talk about how you spend your Saturdays hiking. What if he fixes the next date on hiking? This will leave you shattered. It’s all about relaxing out, the more you at ease the more the real you comes on board. He will likely to follow suit.

9)How do I ask for a second date without seeming too obvious
Nothing ever wins a heart than having a huge smile. It’s more welcoming. If you really want to see him again, smile more than usual and laugh off. Don’t over do it though. Avoid the last drama stuff, it’s in us. We could explode anytime. Avoid this. Suggest to him to invite you already for a second date by simply stating out how you had a great time and you looking forward to that restaurant soon. Don’t worry about being pushy. You can actually ask him for a second date. It will flatter him to know how keen you are on him. The scared ones will run away when you ask them out, but truth be told, they don’t deserve you.

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