The Difference Between Gothic, Emo and Punk

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Let me start of with a quote from the famous Rebecca Schaffenberger describing Gothic people.

“We’re hard-core romantics, dreamy realists and cynical idealists. We find beauty in the macabre, while seeking fairness and tenderness in our daily lives. We love all things ancient, while being modern and liberal in our social outlook. We’re intelligent and creative without being cutthroat and competitive. We’re angry yet peaceful. We’re sure of ourselves but wary of strangers. We’re funny but bitter … but mostly very shy.”

So what does it mean to be Gothic? What’s the difference between Gothic,punk and emo? What does it take to be one? Why the color black? Well hunny take a seat and make yourself comfortable.

Gothic people are those that search for fineness in things others consider dark and mysterious. Punks on the other hand are more aggressive and loud as compared to the goths. Emo are people who dress in a Gothic style and listen to emo music. Some people say that emo is short for emotional or emocore while others disagree. We’re yet to know for sure.

The three are viewed as overly sensitive and depressed. In public they appear weird and are often attacked especially for matters revolving around class prejudice, homophobia and misogyny.

About the colour black: There are lots of colours to choose from .So why black? Some say it matches their feelings while others say its just a cool colour. Well black symbolizes death , the unknown and emptiness . The 3 are often displayed by the rock genre of music ,their art and literature too. This makes it more relatable to them.

Dressing like an emo (whether you are a poser or not)

Black makeup that is including lipstick,eye pencil,eye liner and eye-shadow. You should make it as visible as you can .

Tight black jeans

Tight T-shirts

Emo bands.

Black fingernail polish.

A banged hairstyle.

NB: The above applies to both genders. It’s also important to note that emos,goths and punks are often offended once you copy their style of dressing. Dressing is part of their way of expression so find your own style.

Anyway wearing black doesn’t necessarily make you either of the three. Feel free to wear it. Its classy and simple when worn in some type of way .

As Kate Moss once said, “Ultimately dressing is always about attitude, feeling comfortable and confidence.”

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