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The decision on who to have a baby with is more important than who to marry says an expert

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Over the years most human beings have been too casual about who they have children with. This is a notion Dr. Belinda O, a US-based Kenyan medical doctor, is opposed to.

“I don’t know about you, but I am of the school of thought that having a child is a big deal and the decision about who will father, mother your child is an extremely more important compared to the decision of who you date or marry.” She said.

Her reason is simple, “This is because you can always end a relationship and move on to the next one; you can always get a divorce and marry another person, but, you don’t get to walk out on your child, and therefore his or her father.” She added

Dr Belinda clarifies that once a child is involved, that man or woman is a permanent part of your life, someone you have to deal with for the rest of your child’s and your natural life.

“We sometimes don’t consider this very important fact when we have children, and are confronted with its consequences when the relationship is over and we have to deal with the real nightmare of parenting with monsters.” She obseves.

“Personally, if I should ever have a child, it wouldn’t be with just any man. It’s not going to be with a man who is a good boyfriend, but a man who is an exceptional human-being. Great boyfriends don’t always make great fathers and vice versa.” She paused

You must understand this before you decide on having a child.

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