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The damning revelation of the rot at the Council of Legal Education

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There exists a cartel at the Council of Legal Education (CLE) which has been frustrating university students who are seeking to graduate through the Kenya School of Law (KSL). Council of legal education is a body that was re-established under the Legal Education Act with the primary purposes of promoting legal education and training and maintenance of the highest standards by legal education providers; and the provision of a system to guarantee the quality of legal education and its providers, but they are doing exactly the opposite of this. The management here use this institution to fleece money from students.

The cartel at CLE instigate mass ‘failures’ so as to create an imaginary crisis to make money. Once a student has ‘failed’ there are only two ways out, either he or she resits the paper or order for remarking. Remarks are charged at Ksh. 15,000 per paper while resits are charged at Ksh.10,000 per paper. This has created an avenue for this viscous cartel to pawn on desperate students who are seeking to be admitted to the bar. This has been compounded by a desperate clique of CLE staff who have been taking Ksh. 50,000 per paper from students with a promise that they will ensure that they pass.

The results will be out by the end of the month and the students who did resits after bribing the CLE  staff for the guarantee of passing are eagerly waiting for the results. This has happened before with those who part with the Ksh. 50,000 bribe smiling all the way to the bar. After all, the end justifies the means.

This syndicate has been acting with a lot of impunity with the mass failure of the last exams giving them another lot to exploit from. Out of 1,800 new candidates who sat for their exams only 290 passed despite having witnessed the majority passing their orals and projects.

It is high time we exposed these CLE staff for what they really are! Director of criminal investigation Mr Kinoti should investigate this matter and bring culprits to book.

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