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The bane of NHIF: Kenyans are now on their own as Medical insurer brought to its knees by looting

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National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) headquarters has been a den of thieves. The scheme has lost billions from premiums for medical cover collected from civil servants, Kenya Police Service, National Youth Service and Kenya Prisons Service since 2013 through false medical claims.

NHIF records indicate that they received Sh47.8 billion in contributions in 2017/2018. This includes Sh32.9 billion from members, Sh12.7 billion as premiums from special medical schemes, and Sh2 billion from other sources. Also note that NHIF received Sh5.2 billion a year from the Treasury between 2012 and 2015 and another Sh5 billion annually for the National Police Service since 2016.

Generally, NHIF collects between Sh2.8 to Sh3.2 billion in contribution from its members per month.

The loot at NHIF

It’s evident that NHIF is a den of iniquity. The scandals have increased as poor Kenyans continue to die unnatural deaths as they cannot foot their medical bills.

The NHIF chairperson Hannah Waitherero Muriithi has featured prominently in all these.

For the starters, Hannah W Muriithi is married to Interior PS Dr. Eng. Karanja Kibicho’s brother Muriithi Kibicho.

She was appointed as the new Board chairperson of the National Hospital Insurance Fund in April 2018. Her appointment followed the resignation of Mohamud Mohamed Ali who joined politics as is now serving as Marsabit County Governor.

Hannah is deputised by Mudzo Nzili, the former chairman of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT).

Immediately after her appointment, Hannah pushed the board to instruct management to bring in a law firm called MMC Africa which was single-sourced. No open tender advertisement in the daillies or anywhere. Knowing that her sins would probably catch up with her, she instructed management to add a few law firms to be pre-qualified in the pre-qualified list that already existed without following due process of advertisement. That’s how the MMC Africa got the job. The board thus instructed management to instruct MMC Africa to draft contracts between NHIF and Hospitals. It is said that she was a partner to the law firm but exonerated herself before she pushed for the firm to be given a mega deal worth sh0.5 billion.

Thieving culture influence

It is the thieving culture at NHIF that must have triggered the former NHIF CEO Geofrey Mwangi who was accused of stealing and sharing the loot mostly with the lord of corruption. The Kikuyu mafia didn’t like this either and so they used their girl Hannah at the board to rein on him, she had him suspended up to now. Hannah then handpicked Nichodemus Odongo, a very corrupt fella, from NSSF. She manipulates the acting CEO Odongo. Calls meetings weekly, gets allowances yet it is the CEO who is supposed to call meeting. Also the Code of Governance for State Corporations called Mwongozo and their Act states that the board of management should only meet once a quarter.

The former Finance Director Wilbert Kurgat who was equally corrupt was also shown the door together with Mwangi.

Mwangi was arreigned in court where he was charged over alleged loss of Ksh1.5 billion at the health insurer. Him together with a Mr Simon were released on a cash bail of Ksh.2 million each.

Also charged was Web Tribe Limited durectors Danson Muchemi and Robert Muriithi.  The company which trades as JamboPay was allegedly contracted to offer revenue collection services to NHIF without proper planning leading to loss of millions of public funds.

Members of the NHIF audit committee Mudzo Nzili, Yussuf Ibrahim and Elly Nyaim were also charged with breach of trust for approving extension of the contract awarded to Web Tribe Limited

Hannah is also accused of diverting all media questions touching on corruption at the institution to Nicodemus, who would often say ‘I’m in a meeting, I wil call you later’

Remember Hannah Muriithi joined NHIF in April 2018, and by August, she had bought 4 houses at English Point Marina.

Today Hannah fires staff and interdicting others without due process simply because they are not dancing to her tunes. She has intimidated the board and runs it as a one-man show.

It is said that Hannah calls hospitals at will and asks them to give her kickback for the payments they receive. She makes deals with hospitals and insists on her kickback once the hospitals are paid.

A source said the church hospitals haven’t been paid over 1 billion shillings and she is asking for bribes so as to pay them.

Recently she fired the Human Resources (HR) Director for not dancing to her tune and for exposing her corrupt deals.

Hannah is accused of fraudulently making deals and intimidating finance to pay her suppliers first so that she can get more and more kickbacks.

Hannah’s close allies claim that she has swore not to appoint a CEO so that she can use the puppet Nicodemus Odongo to loot NHIF to the ground. Odongo and his tribesmen get all the tenders at NHIF. Everything else is at a stand still.

The Wealthy NHIF Receptionist

Kenyans have not forgotten how one Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha who was a mere receptionist before his small promotion could beat traffic by flying in a chopper, thanks to the ever fat NHIF’s tender evaluation committee deals.

In a short four years, Mr Onyancha announced his elevation by buying, at a go, eight houses in Athi River worth sh160 million, bought four houses valued at 20 million each in 2013, owned a chain of car and carpet-cleaning businesses across Nairobi valued at Sh50 million

Other ills at NHIF

Hannah and her team enables the rich Kenyans to seek treatment abroad under the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) at the expense of poor citizens. It is reported that in the financial year 2018/2019 Sh17 billion were spent on specialised packages for patients who sought treatment abroad. This money revolves back to the racket of these corrupt individuals.

They pay more money to private hospitals which returns them in the form of kickbacks. Sh22 billion compared to government hospitals, which received only Sh7 billion. Mission hospitals collected Sh8 billion from NHIF. It’s only at NHIF where the poor are subsidising treatment for the rich.

Finally, the NHIF IT department in collusion with some senior managers are said to be adding strange relatives as dependents. This alone costs NHIF millions of shillings. The hospital fees paid by treating such Dependants range from Ksh80k – Ksh100k, inpatient.

There are reports that upto Sh35 million are still lying in the NHIF account unclaimed because over 70, 000 peoople who paid their cover through M-Pesa used wrong details so the money cannot reflect in their medical cards neither can they access health services using their National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) card.

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