The Art Mastery Of Getting Up Early

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By Daisy Chelangat

This may tend to sound pretentious because there is a certain aura accorded to people who wake up early which I want to practically assure it is not. With a much reflect on it, it is an art one should extensively think about acquiring on a personal level. It is easy to feel like adding five more minutes to your already comfortable position of bliss.. Happens to anyone actually, but then this is where the problem lies.

Dysania found it’s way amongst us and its dwelt perfectly well. It couldn’t be any worse with this corona pandemic at hand. We could go all day spitting out quotes, Proverbs and even axioms all related to time and at the end of the day realize we wasted time. Here is the thing, let’s get straight into business.

Why is it so important to wake up early? Is it because the sunrise looks so lovely? No. Waking up early has a bunch load of benefits; we definitely are having a look on it :

  1. You get to plan your day. It is such a good feeling when you already know what you’ll do at any point of the day without scratching your head for minutes. A plan keeps you set and focused on a routine that you’ve personally programmed. It is also encouraged to give yourself proper breaks within the day for rest. This will keep you in check and time doesn’t get to fly off. It’s right with as you move.
  2. We become more self-disciplined. The effort taken to get out of bed when most people are still warm in their blankets is tough. The more you wake up early, the less likely you’ll be late for any appointment. It also builds character. The very choice of deciding to be up early, says a lot about someone. It is quite likely that people who employ this lifestyle make more meaningful life choices.
  3. You get to be a step ahead. No one loves being last. Everyone wants to be the first, the best, the top. It is almost a basic human need. Victory is sweet and waking up early could be your shot at achieving it. Considering what you spend the most time doing, you’ll get better at it.
  4. Saving time. Comparing two people: one who wakes up at 10 am and the the other at 6am. The one who wakes up at 6 am already has 4 good hours over the other person. Take that tally to a month and the early riser has 5 days well at hand. More time to do more stuff.
  5. People who wake up early find ample time for exercise. Whether it is taking long runs or just home workouts, time is there for them. It goes without saying that exercise is rudimentary for a healthy wellbeing. So why not jump on that health wagon?
  6. So I know I wrote that a sunrise isn’t a motivation to wake up early but it could be. Why would you oversleep everyday without getting to spot a sunrise. They are breathtaking and simply make you feel calm and happy.

Waking up early shouldn’t just be an abrupt thing that you do now that you’ve got reason to. Take your time à you get accustomed to the new lifestyle. There is really no easy way to doing it. Making up your mind to get out of bed is the first step and actually doing it the next step. Purpose to feel better about yourself in every way.

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