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Ten things everyone in their 20s must know

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  1. Everyone is focused on themselves, their opinion of you doesn’t matter
    We tend to care too much about what others may think of us, most of those we are worried about their opinions couldn’t care less. They have their own lives to live, and if they are talking about you, it means you matter. Even the dead are talked about.
  2. Social Media is an illusion
    Steer of the pressure of social media, cut you cloth according to you size. Do not cling so desperately to standards set on social media by people who themselves are deranged and obsessed with other people’s approval.
  3. Zero debt equals freedom
    Don’t go bankrupt spending money you don’t have yet. The new iPhone you want so badly but cannot afford will start depreciating the moment you buy it. Do not get it on loan or whatever. It is all vanity because who wants a Nokia E75 now, imagine how much of a hot cake they were barely a decade ago.
  4. Falling out of love is normal
    Just like falling in love, falling out of love is normal too, feel free to quit anytime you want to and do not be afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings. It is about being truthful with yourself and knowing what you want. If it is not working out, it is not and it is time to get away. Do not cling with people you have no connection with for a couple beers and expensive coffee.
  5. Do not lose sight of your hobbies
    Continue pursuing the interests you had as a child, the opposite is also true. When something no longer interests you, quit. Don’t get ahead of yourself and burn out trying to do those things you no longer want because that is wasted time and energy that is seldom recovered.
  6. Family is not necessarily blood
    Family is whomever you find it it, even pets. Lower your expectations on people you deem to be family simply because you are related by blood. There is more to life than being someone’s son or relative. In my experience, true friends are way better than the so called family members.
  7. Night owls and early birds
    Night owls especially feel odd swing as most nocturnal persons are considered lazy. So long as you are disciplined enough to know what and when to do, don’t criticize yourself simply for preferring to burn the midnight oil to waking up early to complete an assignment.
  8. Forgive yourself and others
    Do not hold a grudge against yourself for things you did while you were younger. Shit happens, and as humans, we mess up several times. Forgive those who cross you too, but they are nolonger entitled to the you that they crossed, it’s called once beaten, twice shy. This also means you have to know when it is time to quit some people who are an impediment or obstacle to your hearts desires.
  9. Be open to kindness, but don’t be a doormat for everyone to walk over
    Humanity thrives on kindness, most of the favours that make your life easier everyday were not even asked for by you. But have a limit, unless you want everyone to take advantage of your generousity. Humans are also the least thankful of the animal kingdom, do not peg your kindness to appreciation. Tends wema nenda zako.
  10. Learn from mistakes, but don’t be too hard on yourself.
    This is perhaps the hardest, I know this because I never learn from my mistakes but I have seen people that do, and how far that has gotten them in life. Every horrible experience is a lesson, make it count.

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