Suspicion over Nkuruzinza’s Death

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On Monday 8th June, 2020 the government of the Republic of Burundi announced that His Excellency Pierre Nkuruzinza, the president of the Republic of Burundi had unexpectedly died of a cardiac episode. This came merely a few days after the first lady of the Republic of Burundi, and wife to H.E. Pierre Nkuruzinza had to be airlifted to Nairobi’s Aga Khan University Hospital for treatment. She was rumoured to have suffered the Covid-19 virus that is currently scourging the planet. The coincidence aside, the announcement of the outgoing president’s demise has been treated by many as a major bilateral government cover up between the Kenyan and Burundi governments, of the true cause(s) and circumstances leading up to Nkiruzinza’s death.

Only 55 and with no known history of underlying health complications, many are now convinced that it is more likely than not, that His Excellency succumbed to the Corona Virus and not what is indicated in the official government reports. The evidence at hand and the chronology of the chain of events do not support the heart attack narrative being sold.

H.E. Pierre Nkuruzinza like most African leaders was not a very popular shepherd, especially among his flock who have tried countless times to stage a coup. The last attempted coup by his army general only serves to corroborate the deeply seeted hatred they may have harboured for him. For some reason, H.E. Pierre Nkuruzinza was convinced that he was an evangelically annointee of some semblance of a supreme being to lead and desperage Burundi. Since ascending to power in 2005 aged only 40, there isn’t a single record of any successfully completed project from his office. As a matter of fact, the circumstances of his selection by the Burundi Parliament to lead the country in 2005 is even more suspect now that it has become apparent that it marked the commencement of Burundi’s nose dive into both political and economic abyss.

His leadership style is known to have driven a rift among the people of the Republic of Burundi who have not known peace for the nearly two decades he has been in power. As we speak, Burundi continues to plumage into warfare and economic doom. A statement from the office of the President of the Republic of Burundi stated that he was hospitalised over the weekend and was doing great untill his health took a turn for the worst on Monday.

His controversial yet successful bid for a third term as president in 2015 plunged the country into existenal crisis that culminated into violence that claimed over 1500 lives. Hundreds of thousands more were displaced, injured and otherwise maimed. Pierre Nkiruzinza’s government launched a crack down targeted at opposition leaders and the media which he gagged into concealing the attrocities his government levied on the people of the Republic of Burundi that he felt uneasy around.

His death came on the heels of the just concluded elections in which his personally handpicked aide and successor Evariste Ndayishinaye “won” the election and secured a 7 year term as president. The irony in this case is that in his bid for his unconstitutional third term as president, he disregarded the advisory of the very constitutional court he then manipulated to cement his side’s victory. Now, there is news that his successor too is ailing and in need of urgent medical attention along with his family. This sheds new light onto the plight of Burundians with respect to Covid 19.

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