Study shows Hypertension, Diabetes among greatest threats facing Covid-19 patients

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Hypertension and Diabetes have emerged to be the threatening underlying conditions that the patients diagnosed with Covid 19 face. Those that can easily succumb to the coronavirus have pre-existing health condition with higher chances of being diabetes and hypertension.

These health conditions will precipitate to patients developing complications ranging from breathing difficulties, organ failures, faster heart rates which in most cases requires ICU admissions and ventilation support. From the statistics from the MOH, the fatalities recorded daily disproportionately affect the patients with pre-existing health conditions with hypertension, diabetes, lung and heart diseases among other conditions.

The first medical doctor for instance to succumb was diabetic as per the family reports and so are many victims. The 7 fatalities announced on June 18th 2020 further shades light on extent of how the underlying condition exposes the patients to risks as all the 7 fatalities all had underlying health conditions of which 4 were diabetic, 1 high blood pressure, 1 HIV and 1cancer. Further, the 3 fatalities recorded on May 27th all had underlying health conditions in which 1 was diabetic, second was both hypertensive and diabetic and last fatality had cancer.

Cancer treatment through chemotherapy reduces or weakens CD4 count and hence increases the risk of severe symptoms and complications that the Cancer patients who contract the virus go through. HIV on the same breadth affects CD4 cells and hence we see it puts patients at greater risk as well as the immune system in the patients have been severely compromised.

Age on the other hand is a major factor as the figures shows as at the past week, out of 197 fatalities, 95 were above the age of 60 inching closer to half of all the fatalities. The immune of the senior citizens is largely compromised due to underlying conditions and cells structure.

Experts have weighed in on the body weight and its implication on coronavirus as the obese people are likely to suffer more by developing severe complications when they contract Covid 19 as they immune has been slowed down.

The question therefore why other people may not develop any signs, others developing mild, some developing severe which results to ICU admission and ventilation support depends on the immune system of an individual, age, pre-existing conditions and body mass of an individual.

This reality has led to department of health to categorize various groups as riskier than others as their condition may escalate real quick compared to others. People with diabetes and hypertension are very riskier followed by those with lung, heart problems, HIV/AIDS and other pre-existing medical conditions.

As the survey from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, many Kenyans have at least 1 member of the household with pre-existing health conditions and that means that the sporadic increase in infections puts health of may Kenyans at peril.

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