Storm over Paradise, Bluebird Aviation Grounded

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(From Left: Hussein Mohammed, Yusuf Abdi Adan and Hussein Farah)

A self-made billionaire, Mr Adan is one very reclusive individual that very few Kenyans would recognize him on sight. He is a very private individual and you will hardly find any information in the media or elsewhere about him. In fact prior to 2015, before the first of a series of court cases involving his family was filed, nobody except close associates knew him. He is a millionaire, billionaire even and has never attracted any attention to himself or his family over how he accumulated his wealth untill a family feud found its way to court. Now the family name and assets have been dragged through much and everyday, more about the mysterious personality that is Yusuf Andi Adan is spilled. They say nothing remains hidden under the sun.

Mr Yusuf Andi Adan is a polygamous man with two known wife’s and 15 known children. It is however rumoured that he has four wives two of whom are domiciled in Somalia. The tycoon hit the spotlight when in 2016 he filed Civil Case No. 197 of 2017 and lost terribly. He is known to own Yala Towers and Lenana Towers, among other high-end properties. His partners are as filthy rich as well. They own shares in airline business, and multimillion-shilling properties including Riara Apartments. The dispute first started when he fell out with his partners Col.( Retired) Hussein Farah and Major (retired) Hussein Mohammed formerly of Kenya Airforce.

The story of how Mr Adan built his empire from a small miraa business paints a picture of a suave trader, but his ongoing fight over Blue Bird Aviation with his co-directors paints a picture of naivety, too much trust or both. Mr Adan had entered into the miraa business in the 1960s and by 1970s and early 1980s, he was commanding the Meru-Chuka trade routes as his Toyota Land Cruisers dodged shifta bandits to deliver miraa to towns like Mandera and, across the border, in Bura Hawa inside Somalia.He must have taken advantage of the troubled route that no one would dare tread and the Somali undying reverence for Miraa to found his business. Blue bird Aviation could possible be said to be the most profitable airline in the country at the moment seeing as Kenya Airways seems to be wallowing in losses and government bail out.
The dispute currently facing the family and which will soon hit the media concerns seven of his sons, four by his first known wife Khadra Ahmed Kama, and three by his second known wife Khadija Mullah. In addition to the leadership wrangles that prevailed between Mr. Yusuf Adan and his business partners Mr. Farah and Mr. Mohammed, the seven sons seem to have taken the mantle from him and are engaged in a series of legal battles both with their father’s partners and as between themselves.
The seven sons currently in the legal limbo have also made personalities for themselves the most prominent being Samatar Adan, Abdinajibi and Abdiazizi. The latter are sons of the first wife while Samatar hails from the second wife, Khadija. From the two cases currently in court,High Court Civil Case no. 100 of 2016 and High Court Civil Case no. 182 of 2017, it appears that the sons want the control of their father’s businesses mainly Bluebird Aviation, Multimark Company Limited, Yallah Investments and Kayla Investments. Samatar hired the firm of Ahmednasir to defend his interests in the troubled Bluebird Aviation and the dispute does not seem to get any less convoluted with time. Stay tuned to 254news for more developments in the family dispute of the century.

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