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Stop Siring many children – Natembeya to Kipsigis, Ogiek in Mau

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Rift Valley regional commissioner (RC) George Natembeya is a busiest security chief in Kenya as per the current insecurity developments in Rift Valley region. From the banditry that is ravaging Baringo and West Pokot counties to the inter-ethnic clashes in the Narok county to Mau Forest evictions.

However, RC Natembeya stepped out of his shoes as the security chief to offer a brutal message on the parental responsibilities and family planning in the age scarcity in resources more so land to the warring communities in Mau amid the ongoing evictions in the Mau.

“The kipsigis families gives birth to 18 children reason you see many young men being used in the clashes as there is no means to take 18 children to school” said the Regional Commissioner known to be brutal and fearless in his duties.

“even if the government today says the education is free, how can you buy clothes for them” added Natembeya saying that the only way out for many children is doing menial jobs at home for survival and get food for their parents. “Many kipsigis children here even Kiswahili, hey can’t understand” in apparent swipe on the high illiteracy levels in the communities in the Mau region and frequent clashes attributing it to lack of family planning.
RC Natembeya took a swipe on the politicians who have been advising communities to sire the children for political reasons and votes.

Politicians sole objective is to get to power and the overpopulation is least of their problems as the RC Natembeya decries the double speak as they themselves (politicians) sire one or two.

The communities in Mau are overpopulated to the extent that RC Natembeya says even if they are given the entire Mau forest land, it won’t be enough to accommodate them effectively.

The commissioner’s sentiments have elicited mixed reactions others terming them ill-conceived will other divide applauding his character and bravery for speaking the uncomfortable truth which people including leaders have been shy to address.

The parentage and family planning conversation in Africa setting like Kenya with customs, culture and traditions at play is controversial and many key players have shunned the conversation.

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