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Stegra Hotel, Lodwar assaults journalist for bad publicity claims

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(Stegra hotel, Lodwar town, Turkana Kenya)

Stegra Hotel which boasts of its slogan “Desert has never felt cooler” reportedly assaulted Turkana based Star journalist Hesborn Etyang for bad publicity.

Mr Etyang was allegedly by assaulted the hotel’s security officers while on his line of duty. This was after the journalist took pictures of a minor who was drowning in the swimming pool.

“Immediately I took the photos of people doing first aid to the drowning 12-year-old boy who was about 20 metres away from me. One of the restaurant staffs noticed and raised alarm to her colleagues that a journalist was filming the incident,” journalist is quoted saying.

The bouncers did not bother to give him time to express himself nor explain why he opted to take photos.

“I was not given time to express myself, was told I have been sent at the hotel to do a negative publicity so that the hotel can be closed down and was force told to delete the photos. When I tried to resist, one of the bouncers took the camera and threatened to beat me lest if I didn’t comply,” he explained

Sources who witnessed the ordeal say Etyang was manhandled, beaten and escorted outside by the hotel’s security officers alias bouncers.

The hotel which is keen on fighting the said bad publicity issued a statement denying the claims saying they respect the freedom of the press.

“The Management and staff of setegra hotel respect the members of forth estate and we have always had good relationship with them,” the statement by the hotel read in part.

The journalists based in Turkana town have been demonstrating against this unfair act on journalists.

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