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Staff Roped Into Terrorism-Linked Diamond Trust Bank Case

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The Court case against illegal withdrawals from clients bank account pitting terrorism-linked Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) Uganda and Kenya attracted unlikely sources on Friday September 4.

Former and current staff of DTB Uganda are set to testify in the case in which Ham Enterprises filled at the Commercial Division of the High Court against the bank over a UGX120 billion (Ksh3.5 billion)

On August 28, 2020, Ham Enterprises through lawyer Fred Muwema filled a preliminary objection asking court to dismiss the defendant’s defense on basis of its illegality background, as revealed by Uganda Times.

Ham Enterprises in Uganda. Source: File

The Parties equally submitted joint scheduled memorandum in which they provided the list of their witnesses in the case.

Ham Enterprises in court papers proves that DTB fraudulently withdrew UGX 29,035,682,682 billion (Ksh857 million) account and USD 22,938,528.29 Million (Ksh2.4 billion) from their shillings and dollar accounts as per the account statements for a 10-year banking relationship that they had operated those accounts.

Documents filed in a Commercial court by Ham Enterprises reveal that they believe first that the Officers for Diamond Trust who directly worked on accounts listed in the Fraud Case, have agreed to testify on a voluntary basis.

Ham Enterprises (U) Ltd.’s lawyer Mr. Fred Muwema believes that the bank officials’ testimony will be vital for their case, given the fact that they have voluntarily decided to testify against the dubious bank.

Relevant staff of Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) have expressed their patriotism by coming out as witnesses against the Bank in this Fraud case at Court which is also referred to as a national case by many concerned parties in the business community.

Witnesses set to testify in the DTB fraud case. Source: File

These witnesses are all present or former employees of the Bank, in which Ham Enterprises and Associates maintained corporate bank accounts from which the bank is alleged to have unlawfully debited and laundered over Ugx 120 billion (Ksh3.5 billion) accomplished through, among other means, misrepresentations, commands, made by the defendant to the witnesses.

The first witness is Tamale Richard, who formerly worked as the Legal Officer and currently the Officer Operations, IDB Department at Diamond Trust Bank Uganda.

The Second witness is Namugga Anati Kayita who served as the Manager Credit Administration.

The third witness is Asiimwe Shirley who served as Officer Credit Administration.

These Witnesses were officers in charge and operation of the unlawfully debited loan accounts in the bank and they are poised to provide relevant and supporting evidence that the bank committed all illegalities on the client’s accounts with instructions from their superior bosses at Diamond Trust Bank.

They will be naming Specific Bosses who instructed them to unlawfully debits monies from Ham Enterprises’ Accounts.

According to a local blog, upon learning that three of its employees would be witness against the bank in Court, Diamond Trust began making threats to the staff.

Some were threatened with dismissal whereas others already lost their jobs but are equally being threatened to face criminal charges against them.

They have also began fearing for their lives due to the bank’s unlawful debit of huge sums of money from the client’s accounts on “instruction from above” and their decision to testify.

Diamond Trust Bank headquarters in Uganda. Source: File

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