Shock as two brothers impregnate their daughters in Kisumu

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Last week the country woke up to shocking revelations of nearly 4000 primary school and secondary school students having been impregnated by individuals known to them in a span of four months in ukambani. The country’s reception was a clear indication of just how frowned upon premarital pregnancies are and gave an accurate reflection of the nation’s cultural dispensation. The now rampant pregnancies were blamed on idleness considering schools are now closed and as expected the menace was blamed on the advent of the Corona Virus. The education cabinet secretary Magoha sharply criticized the leadership in those regions faulting them for their failure to protect the welfare of children conveniently placed within their care. Among those accused of impregnating the schoolers were teachers and very elderly folk known in the villages to target young girls.

Yesterday, the residents of Kibos in Kisumu woke up to a similar catastrophe, only much more heartwrenching. Jane Anyango* (not her real name) and Susan Diang’a* (also not her real name) aged 13 and 15 years respectively are cousins who are quite close with each other. On 1st July, upon waking up, Jane felt unwell and was vomiting profusely. Her mother was concerned and albeit Jane’s insistence that she felt better shortly after, decided to accompany her to a nearby dispensary to see a physician. She was hopeful that it was nothing serious but prepared for the worst because she had her suspicions. “As a woman, there are certain things that do not escape your radar. I noticed that my daughter’s general outlook had changed but I ignored them because she is at the peak of adolescence and such changes are expected” said the 13 year Old’s mother. It was at the dispensary where it was confirmed that she was three months pregnant.

As if this news was not devastating enough, Jane revealed that her father was the perpetrator and has been sleeping with her whenever her mother who is a casual domestic worker leaves for work. The matter was reported to the nearing Kibos police station and a manhant for Jane’s father who has since gone missing launched. About 80 metres away from Jane’s Homestead, at Susan’s home, a similar incident happened just weeks before.

On 22nd June, 2020, Susan ran away from her home and sheltered at a friend’s house because she had been severely beaten and refused food. Apparently, the father to the fifteen year old, and an uncle to Jane, is a despecable and perverted pedophile much like his younger brother, Jane’s father. Susan’s mother passed away in 2018 and since then, she has been living with her father while her two younger brothers live with their grandmother in Seme. It is her testimony that whenever she refuses to hop onto her father’s bed, she is thoroughly beaten and harshly punished.
She was rescued when her friend’s mother, out of concern reached out to the children’s office expressing her fears over Susan’s welfare. Upon testing at the Gender based Violence Recovery Center in Kibos, Susan was found to be 14 weeks pregnant, which pregnancy she confirmed was her father’s. The father has since been arrested and is in custody awaiting arraignment and formal charging in court on Monday. The father, let’s call him Alex (not the real name) was rescued by police in the hands of a mob who wanted to lynch him at around 9.00 AM today. The police urged residents to be vigilant and on the look out for the safety of children in the area. Both Jane and Susan are now safe and housed by Kisumu Medical Education Trust (KMET) awaiting transfer to a more suitable home, KMET Advocacy and Policy leader Patricia Orao confirmed.

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