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Shame on Gogni Rajope construction firm as Ndhiwa residents cry foul over poor workmanship on Rodi Kopany-Sori road

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Someone one’s said that “A poorly done tarmac road is worse than a rough or murram road.” This is what the people of Ndhiwa, the beneficiaries of Rodi Kopany-Sori road have to contend with as Gogni Rajope Construction company has subjected them to this.

“From Rodi Kopany to Ndhiwa the road is a total mess I can testify. I haven’t been to any place in Kenya where a tarmac road is dilapidated to that extent.” A seemingly disappointed Nderitu Wachira explained.

According to Tobias Ochieng’, the road is a manifestation of how corruption can kill an economy. “That road is stressful for any person owning a car. But because we like worshipping and praising the corrupt leaders, we are still bound to suffer more. It’s the people living near that road who bought Cement, ballast, sand and even rough stones that was meant for it’s construction at a cheaper price. A bag of cement was sold at ksh. 300.The poor workmanship is a product of corruption. Kanyamwa people can never demonstrate because they indirectly contributed to the poor construction.” He said.

For Jecinta, she had to leave the car and study the potholes before driving through, “There is no roads there, I had to get out to look at how to approach the pot holes. You can’t even snake, they are not roads at all.”

It’s evident that the engineering inspectors who were in charge of the construction of this road failed since they are the heart and soul of a road. They had the powers to redirect, reinstruct or stop the construction.

For starters, Dennis Ochieng’ Onyango a Nairobi-based advocate would explain that Gogni Rajope constructed the Rodi Kopany- Sori Road and every time they constructed the next stretch measuring a kilometre, the previous kilometre was already worn out and heavily pot-holed. By the time they got to Sori in Karungu, there was no road. It would seem that as they were carpeting the road, some heavy machine was digging up slowly behind them.

It was the second time in about two decades that the road was being tarmacked. It means the second recarpeting should have been easier for Gogni Rajope.

Ochieng’ went on to recommend the following;

One, Gogni Rajope construction company should be compelled, forced, coerced and cajoled to pay a more competent construction company to redo the job. Gogni Rajope should be deregistered and castrated and lynched and chased out of the road construction business into hawking bananas by the road side.

Secondly, folks living along that stretch from Rodi to Karungu. The Ndhiwa and Karungu peoples. The Jo Kanyada, Kabuoch, Kanyamwa, Kanyamkago, Kwabwai and Karungu, they should be taught how to be angry. They should be whipped, beaten and forced to carry placards, twigs and stones and to Menacingly chant unprintables as they demonstrate against Gogni Rajope and whoever awarded them the tender and paid them to construct that road.

They should also wait for whoever has the temerity to launch or open that road and crucify him on the cross. That road should not be handed over. Tax payers money si kitu ya kuchezea[is not something to joke around with]!

It’s disturbing to learn that Gogni Rajope construction company limited get paid every now and again for the pathetic things they do in the name of road construction. It can’t be anything far from huge kickbacks that the company is seemingly giving back to the powers-that-be.


There is need for the government of Kenya to make it mandatory for all road contractors to issue something like a 10 year warranty for all the roads they build. If a new road is built and develops potholes or other damages before the 10 year period comes to an end, the contractor should fix and repair the road at their own cost.

It beats logic how government always has to dig into its pocket to repair roads that haven’t lasted more than 3 years, yet no one is brought to book or made to account for the money wasted.

With the flood rage constantly being experienced countrywide, many roads are always rendered impassable and the government will once again use hard-earned tax-payer’s money to repair the roads, yet no single contractor like Gogni Rajope is held accountable. Where is the value for money?

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