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Sex for job? Absa’s HR Vaslas Odhiambo accused of raining terror on fellow employees and soliticing for sex from female staff to keep their jobs

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Vaslas Odhiambo the Human Resource Manager of Absa bank has been accused by several employees of coercing female staff to commit sin and raining terror to employees of the bank, a trait he has lived with in his career.

Young female employees at Absa claims that that Vasla has been coercing them for sex lest they lose their jobs.

“This is the worst bank in Kenya.” A source wrote. Adding, “Just ask them to do a very top secretive survey on Vasla Odhiambo, you’ll be shocked at what young female employees have gone though! But of course who wants to lose their jobs? One day God will fight for the innocent.” The source concluded.

The evil doings of Vasla Odhiambo allegedly began in Mumias Sugar Company before proceeding to Naivasha flowers farm before settling in Absa bank where Gerald Kiilu, his latest victim, was subjected to untold pain and suffering after this larger than life HR decided to mess his life and that of his family.

“That Vaslas guy should not be eating and smiling when people suffer because of him and from the look of things, it is something he carried from Mumias Sugar to A Naivasha Flower Farm to ABSA!!!” A source revealed.

A former colleague of Vaslas Odhiambo back in Mumias said that he can attest to the fact that Vaslas Odhiambo is a virus and a sadist. Adding, Vaslas is the worst HR practitioner he has ever seen. He went on to reveal that, “He(Vaslas) came in at Mumias Sugar Company to do a turnaround and for staff realignment. He left Mumias in its knees”.

He is confident that “Vaslas will leave the rebranded Absa bank in red”.

Kiilu says that he was put through “untold pain and suffering by blocking my payment as directed by a ministry of labour investigation and recommendation report I am attaching here.”


“I had worked for Barclays bank for 12 years before I was summarily dismissed for what the bank termed gross misconduct and paid NOTHING. It was an allegation of cash lending and when my cash till was counted in detail, it revealed a shortage of ksh 366.10cts (see attached certificate).

This matter has since been processed through the ministry of labour and shock on me, one Vaslas Odhiambo brought in a far fetched false allegation of ksh 149,000.00 which is a total lie.

Mr Vaslas Odhiambo was asked by the conciliator to withdraw that false allegation which, a lie he couldn’t prove but he personally adamantly refused.

The ministry of labour report captured that my sacking was wrongful, as it was a case of WITCH HUNT, MALICIOUS, DISCRIMINATION, INTIMIDATION and Nepotism.

In refusing to pay me, Absa/Barclays bank through a letter suspiciously by the same Vaslas Odhiambo quotes the singular false allegation of ksh 149,000.00 as the reason they have not paid me. One wonders why an employee can treat a matter so important in such a careless manner to dishonestly tell a lie.

My initial investigation reveals that what I am supposed to have been paid was stolen by the said Vaslas Odhiambo and others in the bank. They had condemned me to death but God is God. I am alive today by His grace.

Twice I landed jobs in other financial institutions only for Barclays bank to give very negative references leading to the discontinuation of such opportunities.

Barclays bank speedily sold a prime plot I had purchased worth 800k to recover a loan balance of 143k. I was not given a cent of the balance. My name then was placed in CRB todate. Depression sunk in and I nearly died. I am a recovered alcoholic.

My child has had to drop out of school due to lack of school fees. I am subjected to a livelihood of indignity, going without regular meals.

I have been blocked from seeing the MD of Absa/Barclays bank one Jeremy Awori, by this guy Vaslas Odhiambo together with his colleague, one Purity Maithya who Seats at the MD’s office.

I am sure there are many other people suffering in the same manner as I do because of the same treatment by Absa/Barclays bank.

I am now appealing to the the MD Jeremy Awori to intervene directly and have me paid what is rightfully mine.”

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