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Samsung and Apple may not be including chargers with future models in 2021

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I would like to parley with the laymen who were quite certain that a man’s best friend is a dog. Sure the animal is lovable not to mention efficient in terms of security and at times entertainment but there are a number of people who recoil upon encountering the furry beasts. With that in mind, I would like to state my astute thought that a phone is in fact a man’s best friend.

This can be seen through the number of times you will spot people huddled in a corner giggling and snickering at something hilarious on their phones. There is also the intimacy forged between the gadget and humans which is observed through the storing of the devices. If it’s not inside your shirt or pants pocket or lodged in your waistband then it is safely stuffed into your chosen carrier, in a place where it cannot be easily spotted and snatched. Haven’t we all had panic attacks originating from a gut wrenching thought of our phones hypothetically being stolen? The very imagination of it is enough to make you buy a fanny pack specifically for your phone.

The reasons as to why phones are a man best friend include; the need to maintain our relationships both genial and official, helps us generate income, keep the income and withdraw the said income, there is also the matter of accessing loans fast not to mention easily and no one minds the occasional gaming, photography, music, books, video clips, podcasts and movies. Millenials have latched onto this gadget as if it was life itself. Without it, they would be slow and lost, like sick old men lumbering in the dark.

Samsung and Apple are smartphone manufacturing giants. They have graced the world with revolutionary devices, each model better than the last. With the world anxious for the launch of their latest models, Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 12, the two companies are reportedly considering taking chargers out of the equation when packaging these new models.

What does this mean for consumers?


Anyone who owns an oroginal iPhone is pretty much considered bougie in today’s society. This is due to the phone’s compelling features that smoothen the life of its user. With every new model, Apple awes its audience. iPhone 12, according to the phone makers, is predicted to be jaw dropping.

According to a renown analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will not be including chargers and wired ear buds with their packaged new product. This is geared to reducing costs thus reducing the price of the upcoming model. This means that iPhone 12 will range within the same price as iPhone 11.
There has also been news on Apple introducing a faster charger (20W) which will be sold separately. This means that they are getting rid of the 5W and 18W chargers.

There have been rumors regarding Apple considering a future move to portless models. Yes, a phone without any ports which translates to no wired charging or headphones. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the cutting out of chargers and EarPods by Apple, is a move to usher in the next phase of the portless iPhone.


Korean news site ET News, reported that the phone manufacturers are considering excluding chargers with the upcoming model of Samsung Galaxy S. This is because they wish to cut costs that will undoubtedly heighten due to the phone’s augmented features. These features include a folding screen and a 5G connectivity. If the company does manage to phase out chargers from the upcoming model, then the price on the phone will significantly be reduced.

ET News also reported that Samsung not attaching chargers with their phones is still at a beginning phase. They are still discussing the outcome of this decision with their manufacturing partners.

Excluding chargers will be a smart move for the two giants in that the packaging will be smaller hence reducing their distribution costs. This will in turn increase their profit margins. With the new exciting features coupled with the debut of both Samsung and Apple phones, their sales are bound to go up. Removing chargers out of the equation means lowering the otherwise pricy models hence higher demand.

Whether or not Samsung and Apple will still provide data cable to accessorise their product is still fuzzy.

What this means to Samsung and Apple consumers?

Well Samsung and Apple not providing chargers (and earphones in the case of Apple) directly translates to their consumers having to buy their own chargers and earphones. This means that the consumers will incur added costs from purchasing these necessities.

As much as this may be true, let’s face it, many people have chargers lying aimlessly in their houses and therefore the two giants denying them these accessories does not really affect them significantly. Besides, this decision of excluding chargers is predicted to have a postie impact to the environment.

Considering that these two smartphone companies are the amidst the biggest manufactures globally, their move away from bundling chargers with their models will reduce the number of unused chargers in our homes and dumpsters.

According to the International Telecommunications Union, “one million tons of external power supplies are manufactured each year”. These external supplies form the bulk of electronic waste which plays a major role in environmental degradation. Only 17% of electric waste is recycled. So yes, Samsung and Apple ditching chargers as a part of their packaged model will significantly help conserve the environment considering they make a lot of sales.

As for the portless futuristic iPhone model, one tends to wonder if wireless charging will be fast enough and how much this new era will cost.

Either way, technology is certainly shifting and soon other smartphone manufacturers will take to the wave.

So now that Safaricom is offering loans to buy smartphones with the agreement that you pay back the loan everyday with the modicum amount of sh 20, you can now look forward to owning the charger less smartphones from Samsung and Apple!

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