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Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore is Dead, lessons to learn.

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The Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore has succumbed to Leukemia at his Nairobi home in the early hours of Monday. He died at age 61. He left behind a wife and 4 children.

Safaricom has issued a statement confirming his death.

Statement from Safaricom.

Bob will be remembered for his relentless support for SMEs, good corporate governance and giving back to the community in terms of corporate social responsibility.

Lessons from Bob

Institutional support; Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore gave all his full support to various institutions, their is need for government to learn from his act and continue with the good work.

Resilience and passion, Bob showed this even at his time of death. Though he knew is time was nigh but he never shied away.

Strong foundation and structures; Bob laid strong foundation and structures that would help the company survive in his absence. He ensured it can be done, brought in changes and tremendous growth for the company. For instance, he joined Safaricom PLC when share price was sh4.61 and now shares goes at Ksh28.1.

The safaricom should ensure that the system he inculcated in the company continues to work. That is the only way to honour him. Let his efforts not be in vain.

Good corporate governance; Bob ensured there was no major scandal at Safaricom. Every coin was accounted for. Improving mobile banking services and making M-pesa services go global.

Cancer foundation, treatment center; it’s high time for the government to consider setting up a state of the art cancer center. It is possible to establish at least one at the Kenyatta National Hospital(KNH) just like in Aga Khan hospital. And if the government is not ready to treat cancer then let us as a country not claim to treat it and do away with structures like “This is a cancer treatment center” which in itself has become a scam in this country.

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