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Ruto Allied Mps Allege Plans By Deep State To Bring Chaos Ahead Of The 2022 Polls

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Tanga Tanga mps have alleged that some individuals in government are plotting to rig the 2022 presidential elections.

At a press conference held in Parliament Buildings on Friday, the MPs claimed that a certain group in government has been having plans to instigate chaos during the polls.

“Some notorious officers of the government are perusing unlawful, irregular and unconstitutional means to incorporate an armed militia for the sole purpose of terrorising Kenyans and destabilising the country during the 2022 general elections”.

The Mps said.

They alleged the plan is to suppress voters and asked the International Criminal Court and the international community to monitor the situation in the country.

“The cause of these unnecessary, illegal and outrageous orders and directives is to increase the state’s ability to manage the outcome of the 2022 general election by instigating violent chaos in various parts of the country”.

they added.

The MPs alleged there is a plan to establish sub-committee for the development of criteria to arm chiefs and sub-chiefs.

They also alleged that a police unit for the National Government Administrative Officers, separate from the National Police Service, was also being established to aid in the rigging of the elections, they claimed.

“The aims and purposes pursued are illegitimate and nefarious. The process is fragrantly lawless and the intention reckless”.

The Mps alleged.

The leaders said the plan was piloted in the recent by-elections in Kiambaa constituency and Rurii ward where they alleged that chiefs and other government officers were deployed to intimate, harass and threaten opponents.

“The last few by-elections have painted a picture of an infiltrated police service which takes instructions from this cabal that operates in the Office of the President”.

They said.