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Russian 2020 film; “Koma” takes the world by storm

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There is a clinical condition that subscribes to a person suffering from mmeory/situational repression. Usually this memory or situation is so daunting that the person shoves it in the back of their brain, sentencing it to life imprisonment with no parole. Some of these memories or situations include; committing murder, witnessing a murder, witnessing extreme abuse, victim of said abuse and any other heinous acts you can think of.
Usually these people genuinely have no recollection of these memories/situations. They remain oblivious, continuing with their lives as if they haven’t buried a repugnant ordeal. That is how some assailants pass a lie detection test, these people don’t even know when they are being dishonest in the first place.

The brain is clearly a magnificent meshwork and it controls how we function. There is a common inquiry posed by individuals concerning where coma victims veer off to. Are they simply hovering in limbo awaiting to be sucked back into reality or are they just non existent?
Overtime varied films have tried wrapping our heads around comatose victims. We have seen some communicate through MRI machines while we have seen other victims disembodied, their souls exploring hospital walls.

Amidst the comatose theories, the Russian film “Koma” has certainly tickled it’s audience’s fancy. The film is by far the most intriguing ideology of comatose realms.

The 2020 thriller sensation has swept the world off its feet with its compelling storyline. Nikita Argunov clearly has a mind blowing imagination.

The storyline

A vicious accident occurs sending the protagonist into a coma. The protagonist (Rinal Mukhametov), an architect, gains sentience and finds himself in a rather bizarre environment. Broken off roads, suspended objects, holes that clearly shouldn’t be there, ulcers draping buildings, paths to an abyss and gravity laws that would make Newton cringe stare back at him.

The protagonist, amidst his “what the hell” phase, encounters a ferocious monster forged from a train, flowing oil and well, an inferno. Yes, I know, very hard to piece. During the pursuit, the fully panicked protagonist tries to maneuver in this new world in order to salvage his life. Do not worry, this fact is quite ironical to the character too.

Somewhere within the chaos, three other people appear and assist the protagonist. The main character simply watches in awe as these people brawl with the strange monster using strange abilities. During the fracas, one person loses their life to the monster who we soon find out is actually a reaper. The protagonist finds out that the reaper victim is actually dead in reality. This is not the only staggering information that is revealed to him.

Apparently the comatose universe is a place where coma patients regain their conscience upon which they gain special abilities to help them survive in this new world. There are several laws in the realm that you have to abide by in order to keep your life intact. The reapers, are in fact, brain dead coma victims who wish to annihilate the living comatose victims. The structure within which these people live by is that they reside in a safe zone, away from the reapers. They do not recall much from their past including their own names hence they have monikers. The flashes of their lives to which they get to sometimes grasp, form physically in this eerie world. In fact the whole set-up is a projection of the coma victims’ recollections. This is how there are submarines in this universe, submarines that are floating without water. Quite an intrigue.

With time, the main character, comes to his abilities (constructing objects from thin air) which he uses to save people in that world several times. A lady by the name “Fly” piques his interest and they find themselves whirling in potions of passion. We tend to wonder what is destined for lovebirds who discover each other in a comatose realm.

The plot twist is what makes this particular story compelling. The coma that everyone is in appears to be self induced. Yes, rare technology is involved here and some are for it while others are completely oblivious.
Do you want to know what happens to the victims or why someone would be driven to create an actual world for comatose victims? Or what happens to relationships forged within this queer set-up?
Find out it in this lucid dream that is “Koma”.


Film critics were already on stand by the moment the trailer was staged by the “Koma” film makers. The story was compelling enough to pull these analysts towards the film upon release.

There are several reactions from the analysts. Some are convinced that Nikita sought inspiration from the film “Inception” by Christopher Nolan. In this film, the main character (Leonardo DeCraprio), is part of a team that commits corporate espionage using experimental milliatary technology to siphon classified information from their target’s subconscious through a shared dream world. Scary right? Aren’t your dreams sort of personal?
Other critics feel as if the film has defied too many laws of physics and is therefore a top notch creation. Their reasoning is that films that incorporate a fantasy feel rarely end up doing the film justice as the depiction always feels fake.

All in all, the reception of the film is quite remarkable, with it still being a topic of discussion globally. The creativity of the film and dedication of the casts has formulated an addictive surge within the audience.
And there you have it, a Russian film without too many stray bullets and Russian profanities!

Out of curiousity, where do you think comatose victims go to?