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Runda House Tour Under Snapchat Challenge Opens Floodgates Of KOT Reactions

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Kenyans On Twitter on Monday July 6 were running amok after a house tour by Joan Kubai of her family mansion went viral.

Amongst them was a large section of Kenyans swift to make comparisons between the mansion and their own bedsitters and rental apartments.

The video shared by Kubai, a popular social media user on Sunday, July 5, offered a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of Kenya’s rich, with several rooms, an indoor lift and swimming pool among features described.

It was widely circulated on platforms including WhatsApp and Twitter, even inspiring a petition of 100 signatures by one Kenyan in support of his quest to move in with the Kubais.

“Joan Kubai is really making all of us happy and motivated despite all that’s been happening.” wrote Brian Kinyua on Twitter.

“Imagine living in a house like Joan’s then Rise n’ Grind Twitter is here pressuring you to move out at 21 eh mimi siwezi (I can’t)” wrote Simon Okioga

“Joan Kubai is just foolish. If her parents wanted to flaunt their wealth they could have done it already. What she just did is expose her parents to serious questions into their source of wealth because trust me, if the source is potentially suspicious, they are in trouble.” commented Abraham Mutai, who might have hinted to her parents being subject to investigations by authorities concerning their source of wealth.

254News.co.ke reached out to sources close to her to get more clarity on the challenge.

“She was hosting some thing on Snapchat called the Golden Circle. This involved a user being chosen at random to discuss how they live, like a ‘Rich Check’ challenge. So she was picked. And she discussed through Snapchat how she stayed.” interred a friend of hers.

The global ‘Rich Check’ challenge has taken platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram by storm in recent weeks. The challenge involves users flaunting various valuable possessions including cars, houses and large sums of cash.

The tour started with Kubai showcasing her room, before going on to her siblings’ room and showing the lighting fixtures, bathrooms and walk-in closets.

She then showed the manicured backyard that features life-size sculptures of animals including lions and a swimming pool.

Kubai went on to show the gazebo, balcony and three different living rooms in addition to various other sections of the house.

Later on she was stunned to find herself as the top trending topic on Twitter in the country on logging in to her timeline on Monday July 6.

“You guys should stop. You all are killing me,” she remarked through her official Twitter account.

The craze even attracted the attention of masculinity coach Eric Amunga alias @Amerix, but he had differing words for her.

“She was the richest girl in Riara Girls High School. I met her there. She one day went home because her teacher was ‘stressing’ her to pass exams. She is not your ordinary Kenyan girl.” he revealed.

Check out the hilarious reactions to the Runda mansion tour below:


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