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Rough Draft, a film stirring questions

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During a youth forum in Nakuru, one of the instructors posed a mind mulling question to us. This particular inquiry was brain wracking and most youths present winded up doubting their own beliefs. To me the answer was a no brainer, in fact I blurted it out (to myslef) seconds after the enquiry was uttered. As fervent youths leaned back in their seats, biting their nails and grinding their teeth, I proceeded to delve into the meme pool. The instructor called time out and people began straightening up in their seats with a determined look on their faces. Like lawyers in court session, they were going to fight tooth and nail to defend their theories. I only had a colossal of memes.

The question was fairly simple; “is there another life force, apart from ours, in existence?” The responses that tailored the inquiry were eyebrow twitching. Some believed there are other creatures in existence here on earth that we, humans, are completely oblivious to. This reasoning was backed up by several mysterious occurrences that have taken place overtime (like the discovery of a corpse of a giant by a religious group) and films that must have mustered their inspiration from “somewhere” or “something”. Some insisted that there is no other life force because there is no concrete scientific proof available to back up that there is in fact one. Others used the creation theory to point out that God did not create any other creature apart from humans and animals. Some simply shouted “aliens exist on Mars” randomly.

The whole exercise was meant to implore our critical thinking and our ability to reason using facts and even fables.

This same temple-pounding question arose after the release of the film, “Rough Draft”. The Russian sci-fi thriller by Sergey Mokritskiy made the audience wonder whether there is a possibility, slight as it is, of another life force existing across the universe.

“Rough Draft” Storyline

The plot of the story surrounds a young man who has it all; a loving family, wonderful girlfriend and a comfortable, warm home. Kirill (played by Nikita Volkov) is a brilliant video game designer who wakes up one morning to an unfortunate discovery. No one, absolutely no one, has a recollection of his existence. There is even someone else residing in his home, his comfortable, warm home.

This reveal sends him into a spiral of emotions as confusion, anxiety and utter fear looms over his head. He feels like a bean doused in an abyss of grain. Luckily, a rather enigmatic woman approaches him and provides insight to his obvious predicament. The woman explains that Kirill has been selected by a mysterious hierichal force that desires for him to be a gatekeeper/customs officer of a multi-dimensional portal. Fascinating right? Being a programmer one day and waking up to having control over multiple realities? Well it doesn’t appear quite appealing when you are stripped of your previous life in order to proceed to your next one.

Kirill, on the other hand, decides to embrace this new life with partial resignation that his previous life is no longer an option. He assumes his role as a gatekeeper roaming about in an oblivious circular building that provides access to over a dozen parallel worlds. These multiple realities include; a steam punk Imperial Russia, a post-apocalyptic tropic resort world, a dystopian Gulag world and a heightened version of Utopia. He comes to these findings with utter admiration and fascination. For a moment he gets lost in the brilliance of it all, in the fact that he is the gatekeeper of these worlds.

This notion of gaiety is short lived when Kirill stumbles into the suspicion of some higher force controlling these realities. This discovery leads him to wonder whether his home, his own world is a pseudo reality, a fabrication. He soon learns that earth is in fact a rough draft for social experiments. This is secretly coerced by the Utopian Government who believe that it is paramount to live in perfect harmony thus it is important to avoid unnecessary mishaps that can arise from humans socialising.

Humans and their lives on earth are actually guinea pigs for a heightened society in Utopia. This angers Kirill and he vows to put a stop to this cloaked tyranny. But if you really think about it, how is one guy who’s major skills surround programming of video games, going to put a stop to this powerful force that has existed for centuries? Bean in grains again huh?
Watch the film to find out whether the young lad succeeds in revealing thus “fib” to his world and thus putting a stop to this madness.

Sergey directed the famous action film, “Battle of Sevastopol”. This cinematographer has been in the game for two decades and has a number of notable projects up his sleeve.

This film was an adaptation of a novel by a the famous author Sergey Lukyanenko. Seems like the “Sergeys” joined forces to create a 114 minutes film that is bound to broaden your thinking scope. Apart from being absolutely enthralling not to mention captivating, the film will leave you genuinely wondering whether we are entirely alone.

And no, our instructor never gave us an actual response to his question.

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