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Road-trip guidelines in the era of Covid-19

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Many people have had to totally cancel the plans of outdoor travelling as the Covid 19 cases surge. The government as a matter of fact had ban the movements to and from major hotspots like Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera but have since lifted the order. The road-trips to recreational sites, game parks, tourist sites have significantly reduced but are slowly breathing back to life as people though in small groups have restarted their explorations.

The ministry of Health (MOH) strongly say that travelling is risky and urges Kenyans to avoid if they can especially if they are using the public means as that effectively put them at risk of infections. However, with lengthy periods of lockdowns, social distance and working from home many Kenyans wish to travel and have an outdoor activities and road-drives.

If you have made up your mind and reading for that outdoor drive then here are some of the precautions stipulated by WHO, MOH and other health experts;

Do the research of your travel destination and establish if its safe to travel. The ministry of health has put their information for public daily on the number of infections, deaths and have uploaded to their website. Therefore, visit their website and check the place infection ratees, if it is a hotspot with high rates of infection then best thing is to cancel the travel if not then it is safe to travel.

Share the vehicle preferably with those you have spent the quarantine and lockdown together. If some people have not, then having them tested before departure is the best idea to prevent infections

Since the lockdown period has been lengthy, the cars have had to be parked for a long period of inactivity and having it checked by the mechanic is better so as to prevent breakdown in such long drives and confirm its road worthiness

If you are renting a vehicle, fumigate it before using and sanitize it thoroughly with soaps and disinfectant. Wipe out all interior touch points, scratch the surfaces.

Drive with the windows open for free flow of air into and out of the vehicle while traveling.

Sanitize your hands while on the road often and ensure you carry adequate hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes through the journey.

For those under medication for pre-existing conditions or prior ailments, remember to bring the medication that will last for the entire duration of the trip.

Have the disposable gloves in case of refilling the fuel and touch of the surface like the ATM machine and have the gloves safely kept and disposed afterwards.

Have packed food to reduce the exposure of the restaurants

Avoid highway rest areas.

Pay the transactions with M-Pesa, debit or credit card. Avoid physical money transaction and move to cashless as prescribed by the government.

Whenever you stop for refreshment or restroom break, sanitize everyone’s hands before resuming the journey.

When staying in hotel or motel, sanitize all surfaces.

Roadtrippers should not neglect the usual and standard precautions of wearing masks, maintaining social distance etc.

If all these precautions sounds unfathomable and undoable then better stay to protect yourself and save lives.

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