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Ringtone’s flashy sh26 million Range Rover gets stuck in the mud at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve

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The beauty of being in the wild is expecting the unexpected. You never really know what will happen next. Sure the tour guide will show you the areas that are out of bounds so as to avoid getting into an awkward dance tango with lions, rhinos and the whole lot of ferocious beasts that can devour you wholly. No one wants to witness a cheetah’s gnashing teeth and expert prancing in close quarters. In order to avoid unwanted interactions with these wild animals you have to stay vigilant, follow instructions and when need be you fall completely silent, remaining invisible to your potential doom. The whole adventure is thrilling, one minute your nerves are a wreck while the next they are calm and collected. By the time the sun is setting, its orange streaks searing through the navy sky and caressing your skin; you no longer recall why you were nervous during the game drive in the first place. All you feel is a blissful peace. An understanding of nature’s brilliance that was unknown to you before. Well, all this can be felt at the end of the game drive, unless your Range Rover worth millions gets lodged in the mud. The game drive then shifts from peaceful and magical to loud sounds of a distressed revving engine.

Ringtone trending on social media is now considered trite. The gospel singer has been sharing his flashy lifestyle on varied social media platforms since time immemorial. He recently posted pictures on Instagram showing his battered 2020 Range Rover SVR Sport struggling to win the battle against stubborn sticky mud.

Ringtone’s flashy sh26 million Range Rover gets stuck in the mud at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve

Ringtone shared his plight claiming that that particular model cost him sh26 million. The black SUV apparently possessed a sunroof, a fridge and an engine equivalent to that of a V12.

While it is truly knee jerking painful to damage such a potent vehicle, many people hardly sympathized with the gospel singer once he shared his distress. As usual, Kenyans aired their views on that matter.

Let’s see some of these reactions that were stirred.

Standard Entertainment and Lifestyle findings

After some investigations and poking around, Standard Entertainment and Lifestyle discovered that Ringtone’s four wheel drive had a V8 engine contrary to what he had claimed. They also found out that this vehicle goes for 9.6 million without VAT.

These findings created an uproar from Kenyans as people immediately launched their sentiments surrounding these findings.

Many questioned why Ringtone had felt the need to exaggerate the car’s specs. It was after all already quite snazzy without the extra hyperboles.

The popular comedian, Mulamwa, expressed his opinion saying that, “You should have added to sh2 million and bought a plane.”

Mickey Waguru reminded Ringtone that a car was just that a car. Every material possession is vain. He insisted on the need for humility.

There was no real need for Ringtone to share all these details concerning his car but some people felt that it was his to share, you cannot control another human being’s actions.

Ringtone has termed himself as Kenya’s wealthiest artiste. His house in Karen is said to cost a whopping sh60 million. He has shared photos of his grandiose home in the past which again Kenyans didn’t react to well. He has previously stressed that he is not a part of a cartel and therefore his wealth does not stem from criminal activities.

Still, Kenyans can’t help but question his constant need for sharing his flashy lifestyle on social media.

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