REVEALED: Mandera County Governor Ali Roba Loses Ksh10 Million to Aide

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(Mandera county Governor Ali Roba)

Mandera County Governor Ibrahim Ali Roba is torn between a rock and a hard place over a deal gone sour.

Last week, Tony Kamwaro who is a close aide of Jubilee party Governor Ali Roba fled with Sh10 million in cash. The trusted Kamwaro was sent with sh40 million to deliver to the owner of a building located in the outskirts of Nairobi as a downpayment but instead he took sh10 million out of this cash to reward himself and quit his job which was giving him sh70,000 every month.

The sh40 million was part of the sh100 million that the second term Governor had agreed to buy the said building. The money is believed to be the proceeds of corruption and general plunder going on at the Mandera county.

After taking the money, Mr Kamwaro courageously sent a text message to Governor Roba indicating that it was time to reward himself.

Sources close to the Governor has intimated that Captain Roba is tongue-tied and will not report the matter to the police as it can make the two go down together at a time President Uhuru Kenyatta is keen on fighting corruption.

Captain Roba is allegedly spending other millions on detectives to ensure that the matter does not get out of hand and at the same time using his proxies to deny that nothing of the sort happened.

“Roba has ruled out involving the police in this matter since he will not be able to clarify the source of the cash” one of his Aides revealed.

The governor whose first ten County Executive committee members were rejected by MCAs on grounds of corruption, is now suffering in silence.

Those in the know claim that this is not the first incidence the jubilee Governor has faced.

“Kumbe Roba ni mjinga hivi, yaani kila wakati anagongwa tu. Yenyewe Mungu si athumani [So Roba is this stupid, everytime he is being stolen from. Indeed, God doesn’t sleep]” Issa Haji, a Mandera resident who is familiar with Governor Roba’s dealings wondered.

“Huu ni mwaka wa baraka kweli! [This is a year of blessings]. Hehe we need many young people who are smart like the aide.”Dheyman Hassan, another Mandera resident recommended.

Captain Roba’s close allies have vowed not to let the information leak to the media and would do everything to that effect.

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