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Revealed: Kisumu County CECs on a Looting Spree

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Residents of Kisumu county are up in arms over what they have termed as massive looting by the county CECs. The residents are calling on the DCI and EACC to institute urgent investigations into the conduct of various departments of the county government.

Adversely mentioned in the looting is the CEC Finance Nerry Achar and his energy counterpart Alice Moraa, including staff within the departments.

Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s administration is accused of doing business with firms which were not prequalified in the FY 2017/18. Such firms include Guru IT which was given a tender for e-trade license, a World Bank fully funded project. Documents for Guru IT are said to be signed by Ken Gwako who was Moraa’s PA.

The residents have also flagged off and called for investigation of account number 0100005493158 held at CFC Bank Kisumu. This account is said to be used for money laundering by the CECs and is operated by Moraa. It is to this account that contractors are said to make kickback deposits. The moneys are said to be mixed with proceeds from her Havanas Bar to disguise the looting.

The CEC Finance Nerry Achar is said to have received a kickback from a contractor in the form of a car. He is also alleged to bought two houses in Kisii town.

Mr Achar is accused of changing the signatories for Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital from the hospital administrator to the county CFO.
The rot in the county referral hospital is so deep rooted that it involves many individuals. One prominently mentioned person is Mrs Olivia the JOOTRH accountant, an associate of the former county secretary Olang’o Onudi, the governor’s close friend. Olivia is said to be corrupt to the core. An audit of the consumption of eggs at JOOTRH and recent cabro paved parking project are just a drop in the ocean. She is said to do business with the government and rewards herself handsomely in return. It is said she has bribed herself out of a case where she was found to have forged a cheque by inserting an additional zero to the original figure hence inflating the amount to be paid to her proxy company 10times.

Non prequalified companies associated with the deputy governor are also said to be involved in the supply of non pharmaceuticals to JOOTRH.

Moraa is accused of favouring a company called Jowipe Contractors, owned by her husband. The company was given the floodlight erection contracts. Other companies she uses include Edwarmo Supplies and Optimal Services, all associated with her.

It is said that the county chief officers do not append their signatures on memos authorizing expenditure but simply stamp the documents so that they cannot be held accountable.

The residents are also asking for a probe on the residences of the 4 Cuban doctors seconded to Kisumu who are said to be staying in Ruby Court in Milimani Estate in a house owned by former CEC Health at a rent of Ksh 280,000 per month.

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