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Revealed DP Ruto’s evil scheme for Kibra

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Ruto is just using the opportunity to try and have an MP in Kibra simply so as to grab land and expand Weston under the guise of slum upgrading. When the dp stated over the weekend while in Kibra that he has plans of turning Kibra into a city within a city many wondered what he was smoking as they say. However, an insider close to Eston Sabari one of Ruto’s point men the plan the dp has is to simply expand his Weston Hotel holdings and acreage. This plan includes but is not limited to:

1. Weston Dam View
2. Private cottages
3. Golf course- Weston Golf Estate to merge with Royal Nairobi Golf.

This is the height of impunity and the plan that is to be rolled out in conjunction with Nixon Korir as the main point man in the whole diabolical plot. Korir is in charge of all of the Sugoi man’s political and other undertakings in Nairobi county and apparently has the ear and confidence of the DP.

Its not lost in the mind of Kenyans that Weston hotel has a very acrimonious history. For starters it sits on land that belongs to Kenya Civil Aviation Authority(KCAA) and for those sugoilets who dispute this then let them refer to the ruling of the National Land Commission on the said issue.

This explains why they are said to have set aside and are ready to spend 40 million shillings for bribery and purchase of ID cards in the lead upto the 7th November poll. Given the billions the land they wish to grab is worth this is a small token of investment to them and they would like to reap big without a care to the world about the slum dwellers and infact would render them homeless in the process all the while claiming to care about them. This is hypocrisy and greed reloaded. It’s a shame for thieves to be waxing lyrical about transforming Kibra yet were they to get the seat they would visit untold misery on the residents of the informal settlement.
Kenyans are not fools and the whole plot will not work given ODM’s demonstrated prowess in the constituency.

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