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Is CS Amina Mohamed having a fake law degree?

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Is Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage Ms. Amina C. Mohamed having a fake law degree?

Ms. Mohammed’s degree has been a heavily guarded issue within the Uhuru regime which has at times been used to intimidate her particularly when the regime is facing international pressure.

Beyond the facade of a hardworking CS is an academic fakery shrouded in mystery that starts in a small college in Ukraine and ends there.

If academic credentials uttered by public offices are spurious, work ethic and professionalism suffer.

Where all the other Cabinet Secretaries listed their credentials and the institutions which awarded them, Amina is a lawyer from the blues.

Sources say she was awarded a BA in law, not an LLB.

That’s like studying biology and claiming you are a surgeon and demanding registration with The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board.

Her worst prevarications have a rich ground on Wikipedia where her entry claims she studied LLM at Kenya School of Law. LLM? Amina has never set foot at KSL as a student. Two, KSL doesn’t offer LLM.

Or did she study by correspondence?

For years, Amina has struggled to get into the Kenya School of Law to no avail. To date, she has never been admitted as an advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

Sources at the Council for Legal Education told this writer CS Amina was recently among the prime movers of a state house backed attempt to rid the institution of Prof. Kulundu-Bitonye and his board and bring far reaching changes which would have watered down the institution’s rigorous checks in who poses as a lawyer in Kenya. Prof. Bitonye’s spat with Chief of Staff Joseph Kinyua exposed the intrigues facing the legal system in Kenya.

Part of the intrigues is fueled by senior people in government trying to get admitted to the bar of Kenya without dropping a sweat. Amina Mohammed is one of them.

Amina started her career as Amb. Bethwel Kiplagat’s flowergirl.

Her hijab, which she increasingly wore half her scalp to reveal her beautiful somali hair to sexually frustrated men of power, among other feminine paraphernalia navigated her within the corridors of power, where she would, at times, intimately market herself not only as a minority but also as a requirement for the successful consummation of the “face of Kenya” balderdash.

From Kiplagat she soon found her way within the foreign affairs ministry, where a shortfall of legal officers provided her an opportunity to do ‘quasi-legal’ errands, which was better than serving tea and revealing her hairline while smiling devilishly to send men of poor libido with high power into making her grander and grander as time progressed.

The more she sexually objectified herself; the higher she rose.

Amina’s sterling career, fueled in part by her ability to bamboozle her way in a male dominated kakistoracy (a system of government where the least qualified and most unprincipled get hold of power) doesn’t change the fact that she is a quack. Rather, it confirms it.

She is the least educated of all foreign CSs ever appointed in Kenya. Inside Uhuru regime, she is often referred to as the ‘somali girl with a beautiful hair and fake degree”.

At UN, where she worked briefly, questions on her credentials led to her quitting before she became a scandal. She returned home.

Under Kibaki, she used to be appointed in positions that never required merit, only connections, and a good dose of sexual flare, for women.

As Kibaki receded to oblivion, she was ‘donated’ to Uhuru; who badly needed characters like Amina around him. She would, backed by increasingly powerful Somali elite in government, get appointed as CS.


So why did President Uhuru recently nominate her for the AU job? Is it an elevation or a demotion?

Several impeccable sources paint a picture of a regime tired of her and glad of an exit strategy. To not offend Somali sensitivities a year to an election process that’s increasingly pandering to tribal primitivism, outrightly sacking her was a non-no.

The African Union needed a serious scammer to take over from Dlamini Zuma, the South African quack who has presided over the worst AU record on democracy, human rights and development since the inception of the body as AOU by African visionaries, many now dead.

Under her, Kenya has held highly successful PR events but with zero impact to the country. Forget ICC debacle. We all know the case collapsed because witnesses were killed and disappeared and bought and cases with no witnesses collapse the world over.

Amina was more of a beneficiary that a prime demolisher of the cases.

Apart from the ICC, there is nothing much to write home about Amina’s four years.

Increasingly, much of the international relations is being done by Amb. Dr. Monica Juma and Kenya’s Permanent Representative to the UN Mission Amb. Macharia Kamau either of whom have been tipped to replace her.

Amina’s incompetence came to the fore recently when she failed to organize high level meetings to the Deputy President William Ruto who was making his debut at the world stage at the just concluded United Nations General Assembly.

Ruto not only addressed an empty room but also had a terrible spat with the management of the hotel he was booked in when he was subjected to body searches and frisking in total contravention of the Vienna Rules.

Under Uhuru, mostly, Amina has thrived because of her ethnic heritage and the fact that behind her was the powerful politico-legal somali cartel chaired by lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, himself another quack with questionable legal history.

However, in recent years, the power of the somali elite in government have receded, partly with Ahmednasir’s failure to remain a quintessential court jester. The latest spat between Ahmednasir and the government is on the Somalia-Kenya maritime row currently at the ICJ where the “Grand Mulla” is said to have been retained by Somalia.

Amina Mohamed, currently, is a portrait of “petty bourgeoisie” with a gradually diminishing importance, and receding hairline, exiting the high echelons of Kenya’s power.

There have been many like her.

So could this be why she never spent time at the ministry of education before being dumped at the ministry of sports, culture and heritage?

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