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Release subsidized fertilizers, Bomet tea farmers decry

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Release subsidized fertilizers, Bomet tea farmers decry

Tea in Bomet County

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Tea farmers in Bomet County are calling on the government to release subsidized fertilizers to boost their farm outputs.

Kenya  National Farmers Federation (KENAFF) Bomet chairman David Tiroto says the release of the subsidized fertilizers will benefit the farmers and the country.

We are urging our government to facilitate the release and issuance of these subsidized fertilizers to benefit farmers and the country in terms of export income.

said Tiroto.

Further, Tiroto has blamed the ministry of Agriculture for failing to relieve farmers from spending a lot of money acquiring fertilizers to supplement their crops.

He has acknowledged the government’s effort in reforming the tea sector citing, subsidized fertilizers as a challenge. 

 There is another important element for the reforms to be complete and serve the intended purpose, the issue of subsidized fertilizers.

he said.

Additionally, he said that six years before the reforms in the tea sector,  farmers used to receive fertilizers from the government.

This resulted in good bonuses from their crops. 

Farmers used to plug quality tea which helped them fetch good prices in the world market hence good pay, we have backslidden now as the sector.

he added.

  Moreover, he says farmers are predicting low production from the crop in the coming years if the issue is unresolved. 

 Kenya exported 575.3 million kgs of tea in 2020,  a 21% increase compared to the previous year.

The tea industry is estimated to account for about 4% of the country’s GDP and 26% of the country’s export earnings.