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Raila Says ODM Had Nothing to Do with Chaos That Rocked Ruto’s Rally in Kisumu

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Raila chatting with Ruto during a meeting in Nairobi.

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Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) Party leader Raila Odinga has defended the party over allegations that some politicians from the party incited a section of youth to disrupt Ruto’s rally in Kondele, Kisumu County.

Odinga said just like any other Kenyan, Ruto had a right to tour Kisumu to sell his political ambitions, and nobody from the party was interested in interfering with the rally.

“Mimi sio mtoto niende kuorganize watu warushie Ruto mawe, kwa sababu gani? Ruto ni Kitu kido sana kwangu.

“Mimi sitaki kuingia kwa mambo ya porojo, labda niongee kwa mambo ya ukweli, Ruto ni Mkenya na anaruhusiwa kutembea popote kuuza sera zake,” Odinga stated during an interview with Musyi FM.

The former Prime Minister added that before Ruto visited the county, the ODM Party branch in Kisumu issued a welcome statement that Ruto was free to visit and interact with residents of the Kisumu without any problem.

Ruto faced a rowdy crowd in Kisumu’s Kondele area on his second day Nyanza campaign tour on Tuesday.

The crowd was seen pelting his convoy with stones, leading to a commotion between them and the DP’s security detail.

The police were, however, forced to lob tears gas to neutralize the rowdy youth.

“Kisumu hii ni Kenya. Na Kisumu hii tutahakikisha tumekomboa Kisumu kutoka mambo ya mawe,” said Ruto while protesting the situation.