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Raila recalls how he was tortured by Moi

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In his book, “The Flame of Freedom“, the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga recalls how President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi tortured him in Nyayo cells.

Here is the excerpt:

“The questioning was aggressive and menacing. They said they did not believe me, I was lying. They said I knew exactly what had happened about the coup attempt and they were going to deal with me in the way they knew best.

I was determined not to be forced into any confession, so despite the way I could see things were going I stuck to my story. This enraged Special Branch, Senior Superintendent Rono, who suddenly turned wild. He grabbed a leg of the wooden table and snapped it off with BRUTE Force, then began laying about my head and shoulders with it.

The blows to my head to my head dazed me and I fell to the floor, and as I lay there Rono and the others jumped on my chest and my genitals. Through the blinding pain. I heard them cock their guns, then Rono’s voice roared: I was either going to speak and tell the truth or I was dead meat. I waited for the end… but it did not come. After a pause, Rono abruptly holstered his gun and his officers followed suit. He ordered that I be returned to the cells and brought back in the morning. I had not eaten since my arrest 36 hours earlier.

I was taken to my cell and when they opened the door I could see that water had been poured on the floor. I was pushed inside and the door was locked. It was a bitterly cold night, and I spent it standing half-dressed and barefoot in water in a concrete cell. I would run on the spot for awhile, then do knee bends until I was sweating, and then I would rest by leaning against the wall. But everytime I stopped moving, I was soon chilled to the bone again. That is when I learned how long the night is. Cockcrow as the sun rose and the twittering of the birds’ dawn the chorus were some of the most welcome sounds I have ever heard,”

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