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Professor’s reign coming to an end with final season of Money Heist

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We have all found ourselves humming the tune of Money Heist’s “Bella Ciao” unconsciously from time to time. The international hit series slithered its way into our hearts and nestled there, creating a permanent abode within us. It was therefore saddening when Netflix declared that Money Heist will be taking its last lap on the tracks with its final 10 episodes of season 5.

Despite the grieving atmosphere of this news, fans of the show are equally excited to witness the brilliance that usually tailors the series. They cannot wait to see what the Professor and his band has in store for them.

Different people will confess to adoring Money Heist for diverse reasons. The riveting plot, the well portrayed characters, the dynamics of the story and so on. For me, it will always be the fact that the characters were branded with names of different cities in varied countries all over the world that reflected their personalities. Key in Nairobi.

Nairobi was known for her spontaneous, loud, suave and ambitious character (just like our beloved city). Her demise in season 4 left many viewers sniveling and glassy eyed, others went on a social media rampage determined to shift the acrimonious wave of her death. Well, season 5 is here and our usual witty orchestrations that always wind up with money brimming in duffel bags will change course for Professor’s band has developed a new goal, a goal that they are hell bent on achieving. A war against the authorities at the Bank of Spain.


Production of the final batch of the Netflix blood pounding series began yesterday in Denmark. Filming will proceed to Portugal and Spain thereafter.

The bloodbath propelled by vengeance for a beloved member of the group, Nairobi, is predicted to be enthralling and mind fizzing.

Alex Pina, the creator of the show, is serving as the show runner and executive producer of this final season. Jesus Colmenar and Cristina Lopez Ferraz will also be in the executive producing team.

The actualizers of the vision aka directors of Money Heist season 5 include; Colmenar, Koldo Serra and Alex Rodrigo.

What to expect in season 5

You know how your mouth dries up as you scoot over to the screen so as to get a better view of a brilliant plan forged by the Professor? Everything else around you blurs as tension blankets your being. Your breath hitches, your pupils dilate, blood pounds in your ears and your heart beat heightens with each calculating turn by the band, you even mutter a small prayer on their behalf because you want them to oh so badly succeed. The adrenaline rush that accompanies the unraveling of this series is simply remarkable.

The series creator, Alex Pina, was interviewed by EW. In the interview he said that; “We are moving from a chess game-a mere intellectual strategy- to a war strategy: attack and contention.”

Imagine that. Professor whipping up a ploy meant to attack. The team no longer wants to be invisible so as to attain their goal, they want to be felt, they are aching for revenge.

This new, fresh goal makes the story even more delectable while maintaining its usual promise of adrenaline rush.

Alex Pina finished the interview by saying; ” The gang will now be pushed into irreversible situations, into a wild war; this final season will be the most epic part of all parts we’ve shot.”

Well, brace yourselves for an action packed, intelligently woven, fun injected season finale of Money Heist!

Cast addition

We have all grown fond of our cast members; Jaime Lorente (Denver), Ursula Cobero (Tokyo), Miguel Herran (Rio), Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Alvaro Morte (The Professor) among others.

The global hit series is said to have recruited two more cast members; Angel Silvestre and Patrick Criado. These additions are rumored to be foes of the Professor and his team. They are said to match the Professor’s wit and maneuvers giving the show an additional savor.
The new cast members will raise the stakes for the team, we cannot wait to witness this brawl!

And there you have it! “La Casa De Papel” coming to an enthralling end. I sincerely hope it will be a better ending than that of “Game of Thrones.”

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