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Pregnancy is the new Cash-Cow for lazy women

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There is a twitter maverick only known to many as Amerix but I call him Eric. He is famous for his manly butch stance over how men should confront certain situationships with women. He has an interesting stance on various issues affecting men and particularly those relating to women and their unrealistic standards they set for men. I particularly love his philosophy about how a man must conduct himself fo the sake of masculinity, not the toxic kind. He is the motivation behind this piece.

It is no longer a secret that women sometimes, make that most times, use children to blackmail men into submission. Getting a woman pregnant whether or not you are married to them is a weapon of mass destruction that has completely annihilated the little shread of respect we may yet have. Deadbeat are terms we are well familiar with and let’s not forget the accusing fingers that are pointed at those who unwittingly get themselves involved.

Maybe getting pregnant should require a licence because it is now a business investment. If you ask me, it should even be taxed considering just how much returns it brings on the investment. Just last week the very gorgeous model Maureen Waititu was the highlight of social media following an expose by Edgar Obare of their matrimonial troubles with her long time sweetheart, Frank.

Frank may not be as smart as he should be considering he went ahead and got another woman, a socialite infact pregnant. You all know Corazon Kwamboka right? Frankie’s explanation of his side of the story completely betrays logic. One of the reasons he said drove him away from Maureen who lets face it is waaaaay better looking than Corazon, was loaded expenses. He alleges that he spends six thousand shillings a week on their child and could nolonger sustain the affection necessary for the relationship. The solution according to Frank, was to get another girl pregnant, moreso Corazon Kwamboka.

Which brings me to my point, no romance without finance. Worse, if you are having sex out there with a female better hope for the best but prepare for the worst in the event that they get pregnant. The law is on their side and child support will render you bankrupt. Many women know this and nowadays getting pregnant is considered an investment by some women who are too lazy to work and earn a living otherwise.

I know of women who have three or more children, fathered by different men and survive on child support. I know she will come for my neck or if she doesn’t, the feminazi will, but even Akothee, before her fame and money depended on baby daddy funding to make a living, otherwise why would someone have five children with three different men, none from a marriage. Worse, she did not seem to have a job. That is why we propose that the law should be amended to allow men the option of not being father’s, much like women do.

This is in no way an attack on women, there are those who get pregnant and legitimately need assistance from the children’s fathers. I am also not exonerating all men because there are those that just want to be irresponsible and are actual deadbeats. That doesn’t negate the fact that there are scheming women out there who will trap you into child support and there isn’t much you will do. I remember there is a time my good friend told me that he pick up his condom and disposes of it by himself because women cannot be trusted. Not even with a fruit, remember that is the gender that got us kicked out of heaven.

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