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Police officer mysteriously dies at Billionaire Humphrey Kariuki’s beer Den

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A police officer has mysterious died at the premises of beer factories owned by billionaire Humphrey Kariuki.

It’s not clear what might have caused the death of the officer as post-mortem report is yet to be made public. Nobody knows whether the postmortem was carried out in the first place.

Also, the police are yet to provide the particulars of the particukars of the officers who died on the crime scene nor those of the next of kin.

However what is known is that there has been allegations of stolen products since the take-over of the premises by the KRA officers and Police.

It’s reported that on January 31, 2019 police and, KRA officers took over the premises of WBL and ASL and then chased away workers before closing them down.

According to Billionaire Humphrey Kariuki’s lawyers(Cecil Miller, Ben Nzakyo, Manase Mwangi and Benjamin Musyoki), since the closure of Wow Beverage Limited (WBL) and Africa Spirits Limited (ASL), there has been destruction, theft and carting away of products clandestinely under the watch of the prosecution, the police and KRA, is contrary to public interest and fair trial. It’s not clear whether the death of the said police officer came as a result of the above allegations.

Also more deaths is likely to happen, “Unless this Court immediately takes evidence in advance at the crime scene and order the storage facilities to be handed over to WBL, more deaths, theft and destruction are likely to continue at the factory,” lawyer Manase Mwangi told court.

Humphrey Kariuki’s lawyers want the list of the motor vehicles parked outside the crime scene, those who entered the premises, names of passengers who entered the factory from January 31, 2019.

They are also asking the court to order the DPP to explain the purpose of entry of all those people.

They at the same time seek an inventory of all items, documents, products and goods found at the crime scene when police and KRA officers took over the factories.

In an attempt to reclaim his beer factories, his lawyers argue that whatever is happening to Humphrey Kariuki is against the public interest and is denying government taxes.

“The continued closure of the facilities is contrary to public interest as it continues to deny the government revenue,” Benjamin Musyoki stated.

This prompted the State Prosecutor Carol Sigei request for 90 days to enable investigations on the matter to come to a hakt but Magistrate Mutuku gave her 14 days and set the hearing to be on August 3, 2020.

Humphrey Kariuki is not new to controversies. He first hit the headlines when he was charged with Sh41 billion tax evasion case.

He was found being in possession of unaccustomed goods, counterfeit excise stamps, tax evasion and fraud, all amounting to over Sh41 billion at his alcohol plant in Thika.

An estimated 21 million counterfeit excise stamps and 312,000 litres of illicit products — all worth billions of shillings in taxes- were found in his plant.

You’ll remember that Mr Kariuki and ASL and WBL’s directors are facing a total of 21 counts of tax evasion and being in possession of counterfeit excise duty stamps.

They have denied charges of evading taxes and being in illegal possession of ethanol worth Sh7.9 million and thousands of fake stamps.

They have also denied nine counts relating to evading taxes amounting to Sh17 billion.

Not long ago it was reported that evidence worth billions of shillings has mysteriously disappeared from billionaire Humphrey Kariuki’s warehouse and factory in Thika.

Also missing is an unknown amount of ethanol, now in high demand for the manufacture of hand sanitisers.

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