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Penda Health to Expand to Counties

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Penda Health to Expand to Counties

Penda Health

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Penda Health is set to spend Ksh 100 million in building five branches in the Coastal, Central, Eastern, and Rift regions targeting households seeking quality and affordable health care services.

Additionally, three more branches will be put up in Nairobi.

Bringing the total of outlets to thirty before the year ends.

Penda Health CEO Stephanie Koczela says the plan to increase geographical coverage is in line with the high demand for quality health care in Kenya.

That is driven by population growth and a rise in the cost of medical services.

Koczela says the facility aims at expanding to rural areas where the population is low and quality healthcare inaccessible.

Our unique model blending in-person care and technology will help us scale up our network to reach 2.5 million patients over the next three years

said Ms.Koczela.

 Further, she says the facility is banking on technology and NHIF accreditation to patients from uninsured households.

She confirms that 80 percent of Penda patients lack medical insurance.

Use of Technology

Nevertheless, the CEO says they have integrated technology into all their operations to create a brick-and-mortar model that is highly tech-enabled.

 It has a paperless electronic medical record (EMR) system that allows for streamlined flow of care, diagnostic, treatment and payment functions,.

she explains.

The expansion project will also see the medical provider realign its organizational structure.

As it opts for a leaner structure by outsourcing non-core services so as to improve efficiency and trim costs.

As well as optimize its human resource to serve patients better.

Moreover, Penda recently hired Karim Moledina as its new Chief Operating Officer.

Moledina is tasked with spearheading its expansion strategy underpinned by technology.

The government prepares to launch the next phase of the Universal Health Care (UHC) program across the country.