Peculiar Ways Kenyans Use To Travel Upcountry

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It is said that a habit doesn’t easily go away. You remove (h) abit remains. Remove (a) bit of it will remain. Remove (b) it will still remain. In order to completely change one’s bad habit, the person would need to apply a lot of discipline and will to do it.

You and I have gone through school in whichever level one reached and you will realize some things that Kenyans are doing during this covid-19 period to avoid some of the restrictions imposed by the Government to mitigate the spread of corona virus are not new to us. Everyone knows cessation of movement was placed in Nairobi metropolitant and various roadblocks placed in strategic points to make sure only those working in essential services can pass through the roadblocks after showing the necessary documentation to allow that. I overheard someone saying that only fools would follow these restrictions. She was able to criss-cross through to and from the metropolitan region without a hitch even though she didn’t belong to the essential workers group. Maybe if I was known to her I would have sought to find out how she was able to do this with ease. I had no choice but to remain with my curiosity unsatisfied. In school, not even high walls, surveillance cameras or even other forms of restrictive measures prevents rogue students from sneaking away from school for their rendezvous.

An exposè in one of the mainstream media showed how Kenyans from Nairobi metropolitan connived with transporters to be ferried upcountry past these roadblocks. There are places they are required to alight from the vehicle and walk past the police as if they are just the residents of that area. They wait on the other side for the driver to pick them up after walking to a safe distance where the police would not notice. How the driver with the vehicle manages to pass through is still unclear. In some other instances, the passengers alight and use the services of bodabodas to cross another roadblock and the vehicle picks them again after a distance. All this while the safety guidelines put in place to avoid being infected by the virus are not adhered to. No face masks worn, no sanitisation and even social distancing is only applied whenever the transporters are not able to get more passengers along the way. The journey is usually long and expensive but the passengers are always ready to endure all that to travel through. After all any means they use that would make them reach their destination is welcome to them at any cost.

The fight against Covid-19 is not easy. The invisible enemy attacks even the bravest of men without warning and puts them down even killing some. The stringent measures put across by various Governments across the globe are not easy to adhere to every time hence the increase of the infection rate. We can only hope things will get better with time.

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