Overrated Lawyer Gets His Match

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Ahmednasir Abdullahi alias Grand Mullah is in trouble after his past came to haunt him on 19th April, 2020.

Former Langata MP aspirant Njeri Thorne went overboard to respond to the Senior Counsel in a tweet she started in the most injurious way.

On April 18th, Njeri tweeted, comically assigning roles to prominent personalities high school/classroom characters, “If twitter were high school… Donald B Kipkori would be the guy with the most tuck and the most sucked up to so he can share. David Ndii would be the one reminding the teacher to give us homework. Gathara would be the one a gazillion stories as to why he didnt do his homework”.

When it came to Ahmednasir, she said, ‘(he) would be the on trying to bribe teachers for grades”. To which the billionaire lawyer replied, “and Njeri Thorne would be that naughty girl who will sleep with ALL the teachers to get that “A” grade and brag about it…”

This triggered something in the socialite and empty madam, she responded to Grand Mullah in a thread of 8 tweets, reminding Kenyans about the ‘bribing ways’ of Ahmednasir Abdullahi. Si this is what she had to say,
“@ahmednasirlaw is the lawyer to a landgrabber who had stolen part of Racecourse Primary School.The grabber even attempted to bribe @EACCKenya

“2014.…composed of justices John Mwera, Agnes Murgor and Robert Ouko it had been alleged that his client, through him, was planning to dish out Sh50 million to influence the outcome of the case in his favour.

Mr Yongo accused Mr Abdullahi of attempting to use him to bribe judges in matters he and the lawyer had interests.”

Ms Njeri Thorne alleged that Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi bribes judges and others.

Senior lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has denied claims of soliciting a Sh100 million bribe. Businesswoman Rose Mbithe had claimed before a tribunal last week that Ahmednasir asked for a bribe to help her in a property suit.”

“Dr Kidero instead turned the heat on senior counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi, accusing him of being behind the allegations that he bribed Justice Philip Tunoi with Sh200 million to sway the ruling in his favour.”

In 2016, Kidero accused Ahmednasir of being bitter because he had rejected the Sh25 million fee note the lawyer had quoted for legal services in his election petition.

Kidero went on to add that when he failed to hire Ahmednasir’s services, the lawyer sided with petitioner Ferdinand Waititu.

“I am surprised he has been prosecuting this issue (alleged bribery) in media and I can assure him I am going to sue and sue and sue…” Kidero said.

In 2012, Bryan Yongo who was then working as Nairobi debt collector, wanted lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi’s name struck from the roll as Senior Counsel, a member of law society of Kenya and of the Judiciary Service Commission while claiming Abdullahi never attended pupillage or was issued with a Certificate of Completion of Pupillage as required by the Advocates Act.

Yongo further alleged that the Certificate of Completion of Pupillage dated November 26, 1992 upon which the advocate petitioned for admission bears a signature that is not of the claimed pupil master Peter Simani.

He went on to allege that he had “credible evidence that Abdullahi committed forgery, making false documents, forged judicial documents and made documents without authority in making and submitting the said Certificate of Completion of pupillage”.

In what was believed to a business gone sour, Senior Counsel Abdullahi wrote a scathing attack letter on the person of former CID Director Ndegwa Muhoro who was nominated to be the ambassador of Kenya to Malaysia in 2018.

In the petition filed in Parliament, Ahmednasir painted Muhoro as a corrupt man who headed an elimination squad within the police;

“The applicant has acted with grave impunity and disregard to the rule of law; has utterly disregarded the provisions of the Constitution which will render him unsuitable to be appointed as an ambassador or fit to hold any public office,” Ahmednasir claimed in the petition.

He went on to allege that,

“During his tenure as the Director of Criminal Investigations, he formed a special unit within the DCI that undertook extra-judicial killings in Kenya

“He would give the final authority before his officers undertook such exercises,”  he claimed.

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