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Our Board has not been reconstituted, KTDA

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Our Board has not been reconstituted, KTDA


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The Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA) says its board has not been reconstituted and remains intact in office.

This is following recent reports of a meeting convened on 21st June 2021 by a group of 12 people allegedly referring to themselves as directors of KTDA.

According to KTDA, the said group has purported to distribute amongst themselves positions at the company.

 We wish to notify KTDA Holdings shareholders and the general public that the meeting was not convened by KTDA Holdings PLC


The authority Board has urged the public to ignore any pronouncements and declarations by the 12 individuals.

 Further, the board has reminded their stakeholders that elections of directors of Tea Factory Companies were restrained.

Through the Constitutional Court of the High Court of Kenya in Mombasa and Nairobi through conservatory orders.

In a statement, the board confirms that the orders remain in place .

Therefore all purported directors’ elections in the tea factory companies held between the months of March and May 2021 are in violation of Court Orders and are invalid

KTDA says

Further, in March 2021 the Constitutional Court issued restraining orders in relation to KTDA Holdings PLC and its subsidiary companies.

 Nevertheless, the board has confirmed that the orders equally remain in force .

Therefore any purported change is against the orders and of no consequence