Only One Vote Kicks Out Israel’s Long-Serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Long serving Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Long Serving Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 12- year tenure ended last night. This was after an eight-party coalition voted to oust him.

In place of Netanyahu, the Israel parliament elected Naftali Bennett as the new prime minister.

Bennett, 49, becomes the country’s 13th Prime Minister after winning with a slim margin of 60-59 in the 120-member House.

Israel’s New Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

Bennett once served as Netanyahu’s chief of staff. He is an Orthodox Jewish and a right-wing politician.

According to Aljazeera, the power sharing agreement reached out by the coalition determines that Bennett takes over from Netanyahu.

He will serve for a period of two years after which Yair Lapid the chief architect of the new government will take over.

Israelites welcomed the decision of Netanyahu’s ousting with a celebratory mood in Tel Aviv.

Bennett delivered a speech thanking Israel’s long serving Prime Minister Netanyahu for his years of service and successes.

Thank you to the outgoing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for your many years of service, replete with achievements, for the sake of the State of Israel. As Prime Minister you acted throughout many years to embolden Israel’s political, security, and economic strength

He further went on to tell the Israelites what his Government hopes to achieve in the two years that has been given to him by the coalition.

The new government will be a government which strives for real, practical solutions, to the problems faced by the country and its citizens. The work-plan which we are presenting today is the most detailed in years. We have come to work. To remove the barriers, to free up the jams, and to turn our country into what it can be.

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