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Official BBI Report Made Public

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Kenyans can now take a breather as the much awaited BBI report is now out. The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) started by President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has officially handed over taskforce report.

BBI report
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga receiving the official BBI report at statehouse

Here is a brief highlight of the recommendations made by the taskforce;

Divisive Elections
– Establish the position of the Prime Minister. The PM is to be appointed by the president from the party/coalition with the majority in the national assembly. If no party has a majority, then the person must appear to have support of the majority of members of the national assembly.

The PM will be confirmed by the national assembly and can be fired either by the president through a decree or by the national assembly through a vote of no confidence.
-Establish the office of the Leader of Official Opposition which shall be held by the runners up in the presidential election. The leader of official opposition shall be an ex officio member of parliament.
– Cabinet to be a mix of elected members of the national assembly and technocrats. The technocrats will be ex officio members of parliament. The appointed MPs will not get a second salary but only extra responsibility allowance.
– Renaming of the position of Cabinet Secretary back to Cabinet Minister.
– Abolish the position of Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS)


– Remove all current commissioners and establish a new commission before the next general election.
– All staff to serve for a 3year contract that can be renewed only once.
– Returning officers to be contracted on part time basis and should not oversee more than one general election.
– Open qualification for the chairmanship position. It should not be a preserve of lawyers only
– Make the chair be the CEO so that he is not undermined by the secretary who is the current CEO.

On Corruption

– Target bankers and banking executives promoting money laundering and make them pay.
– Promote whistleblowing by giving rewards of 5% of recovered proceeds to persons who give information on corrupt deals.
– Make all wealth declaration forms open to public scrutiny.
– Digitize all government services, processes, payment systems and record keeping.

On Devolution

– Retain all 47 counties
– Increase resources to counties by at least 35% of the last audited accounts.
– Close or restructure parastatals carrying out devolved functions
– MCAs to oversight money intended for bursaries only
– Running mates of all candidates for the governor position must be of opposite gender.
– Transfer health sector personnel from counties to an independent Health Service Commission.

On Rights and Responsibilities

– Subject all Cabinet secretaries and principle secretaries and their families to public institutions run by the government.
– Encourage young people between 18 and 26years to volunteer services to the public.

On National Ethos

– Write the official history of Kenya as a nation
– Replace Boxing day on 26th December with national cultural day
– Teach ethics as a compulsory subject throughout schooling curriculum
– Remove the ethics mandate from the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) to the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) which should be renamed the Ethics Commission

The official BBI report has many more recommendations and the public are encouraged to read it. It is expected to generate a huge discussion in the country as well as shape the politics of the day.

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