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ODM tells off Musalia Mudavadi over his ‘Visa threats behind handshake deal’ claims

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ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has met the wrath of ODM party officials and parlimentarians over his claims that the famous golden handshake was born out of Visa sanction. Mudavadi who is in the USA for a diaspora tour told a gathering in New Jetsy that months to handshake, some western countries threatened to cancel visas for all opposition leaders and their associates unless they entered into a political deal.

“The secret is that slowly visas were being cancelled. And when Visas are cancelled, they don’t just cancel yours alone. They cancel yours, that of your wife, children, and relatives…so what gave birth to a handshake is personal survival rather than patriotism.” Mudavadi was quoted saying.

It is these remarks that has pushed members of odm party to dehorn him. In a statement issued by ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna accompanied by ODM MPs, they poked holes in Mudavadi’s claims

A section of ODM party officials and parliamentarians at a press conference today.

“Mr. Mudavadi has confessed on numerous occasions that he and his NASA co-principals only learned of the Handshake through the media, like all Kenyans. It is surprising therefore that he can suddenly, after landing on American soil, have “details” of what happened, how it happened or for what reason.” They said.

Adding that, “If any foreign powers had threatened visa sanctions, it would have been to STOP this swearing in by H.E. Odinga, NOT to birth the Handshake! Sections of the international community had given a thumbs up to the disputed Elections and publicly advocated for the results to be accepted by all unconditionally.”

They further claried that ODM’s business with ANC had ended immediately Mudavadi skipped the swearing in at Uhuru Park

“Immediately Musalia boycotted the event, the trust that existed between him and Raila broke down irretrievably. Raila and ODM decided on that day to chart a new course without our so called coalition partners. Musalia does not know what happened from there on. He was in the dark and he remains in the dark. He knows nothing about that chapter of Kenya’s history and would be best advised not to parade his ignorance especially in faraway lands.” ODM Sec Gen Edwin Sifuna said.

Mr Sifuna also backdated Mudavadi’s memory to his sins of 2002.

“We are constrained to let Mudavadi know that his reputation as a “reluctant revolutionary” goes back many years including 2002, when democracy warriors came together to defeat the Kanu machine. At the last minute, he is known to have switched off his phone, possibly to have it “woken up” by a Nigerian line later, and disappeared from his colleagues, only to emerge later singing Kanu yajenga nchi. In subsequent years, Mr Mudavadi has perfected the philosophy of the so called safe hands, waiting like the proverbial hyena who waited for a man’s hands to fall.” He said

And while imitating the words of President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 after their fall out with him, he said, “We must inform Mr Mudavadi and other enemies of the handshake that no hand from this Handshake will fall for the hyena to benefit, so they must find other ways to seek relevance.”

One Godrey Osotsi reminded Me Mudavadi that he has been the beneficiary of handshake more than even those who shook hands,

“Let me remind Mudavadi that he has benefited in this handshake. He is forgetting that during the issuing of Huduma number, the government facilitated him as an envoy. He shouldn’t dare us with his lies, we will expose him”

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