Not even the clearance from KMPDC will stop reggae at Nairobi women’s hospital

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The mess at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital is so deep that even the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council (KMPDC) clearance today will not stop the reggae.

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital must deal with the overcharging allegations, the rot is inside and not on the cover as KMPDC and Nairobi Women’s Hospital want Kenyans to believe.

KMPDC is not saying the truth when they claim that the facility is only charging fees that is within the recommended rates and not above that as provided in the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Rules of 2016.

If you look at the PR tone adopted by the Hospital in its many press statements, the findings by the toothless KMPDC was expected.

Kenyans are crying over the exploitative charges at the hospital but the KMPDU officials are busy with that which goes to their stomachs.

From their recommendations, it’s evident that they are only concerned with their stomachs and the welfare of their medical officers. Some of the recommendations they have made include: incorporate doctors in the senior leadership positions in order to offer medical guidance; put in place an appropriate policy of information management and review all business communications protocols and using only appropriate language in any correspondence; regularly assess the proportion of Medical Doctors and Clinical Officers across the Hospital for guiding the hospital on the ethics of good clinical practice.

The founder of the hospital Dr Sam Thenya should know that failure to address the concerns raised by Kenyans will only worsen the situation at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

His statement shortly after the report by KMPDC was out indicates that he paid for their cleansing. Here is the statement;

“It was important to open our hospitals to an independent review, and we thank the Council for their detailed assessment and feedback. We will comply with all of their recommendations, as well as implement further improvements to ensure we are continuing to provide the highest quality service to our patients,” Dr Sam Thenya.

What “detailed assessment” and “feedback” last the few days the KMPDC officials spent at the facility?

The whole exercise was meant for PR gimmicks and cleansing of Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

Look at the statement from the board of directors of the Nairobi Women’s Hospital long before the investigations by KMPDU;

“We have noted with a lot of concern reports appearing in various media platforms in the recent past suggesting that there is some systematic approach by the hospital to unfairly generate revenue from patients,

“We believe that good clinical practice makes business sense…. We carry out regular quality audits through our quality and standards department to ensure compliance with our policies, processes and continuous improvement in areas where we find gaps,

“Although we don’t believe this is the case, and in fact it is antithetical to our foundational principles, we take these allegations very seriously and are conducting an internal review as well as cooperating with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council as they carry out their independent review.” the statement from the board read in part.

So what were you expecting anyway? The obvious must have exchanged hands the Kenyan way.

Dr Sam Thenya should go down and address the extortion claims, the unnecessary laboratory tests and admissions, inflating bills as well as delay of discharging of patients to accumulate more bills, especially those with insurance covers. No insurance firm would want to be extorted as has been the case with this hospital. Sam should not rely on these PR stunts but do the right thing.

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