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Nkatha Claims Was Forced At Gunpoint to Implicate Governor Kananu, Judge Chitembwe in Sonko Leaks

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Marry Nkatha Claims She Was Forced At Gunpoint To Implicate Anne Kananu, Judge Chitembwe

Marry Nkatha

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Merry Nkatha, a woman involved in the trending videos and tape recordings leaked by the Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, has now claimed that she forced at gunpoint to implicate Nairobi Governor Anne Kananu and Justice Said Chitembwe.

While recording statement at Karen Police Station on Monday, Nkatha said she was kidnapped by heavily armed men who gave her a written script to respond to a phone call by Sonko.

‘They ordered me to read what was written on paper when responding to Sonko’s call at gunpoint,” Nkatha stated.

Nkatha also told the police that her life is in danger following the leakage that made grievous allegations about Kananu, Justice Chitembwe alongside other judges in the judiciary.

“On Saturday night I was kidnapped by people I know , I later reported the matter to the police on Sunday under OB 14/21/11/21. The Police promised to look into the matter however, all I am asking for is security, since he has been threatening me,” Nkatha stated.

However, Sonko has rubbished Nkatha’s claims linking him to the abduction and forceful confessions in the leaked videos and recordings.

In a post on his Facebook page, Sonko denied Nkatha’s allegations that she provided damning information on some judges and advocates under duress.

The impeached governor, instead, claimed Nkatha had been feeding him with accurate and damning information on several public officials for the past 10 months.

“… the said Nkatha claims she gave the information to me under duress, noting that the same are vide telecon conversations. What she doesn’t know is we been getting this info from her for the last 10months,” Sonko stated.

He added that he did not wish to involve her anymore in providing him with information relating to his impeachment case that flopped in the corridors of justice last week.

Sonko instead asked the state to provide Nkatha with security following alleged threats she received after the airing of the fifth part of his exposé dubbed ‘Rot in Judiciary’.

“At the moment, I do not wish to involve her any further in regards to providing information that is linked to any and all of these cases that have been floated by virtue of audio and video evidence, and it is my sincere wish that the State assures her of security based on the alleged threats she has received following the airing of Episode 5 on the rot in Judiciary,” Sonko added.

Nkatha now wants police to investigate Sonko with regards to concerning the Leaks.

According to Nkatha, she had met Sonko previously in one of his lawyers’ homes in Karen where she learned that he was against Kananu.

It was at the meeting that Sonko allegedly offered her Ksh250 million or an alternative Ksh300 million beach plot to implicate Kananu in irregularities surrounding court’s clearance for her swearing-in.