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New alternative applications for YouTube

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Maya Angelou said that, “there is no greater agony than the untold story inside you.” This perception from one of the world’s renown authors, is clearly seen in our day to day lives. It is why street artists wake up everyday to perform amidst a colossal of people headed to work. Sure, they might get zero attention from the mass of walkers but the alternative is languishing in lack of fulfilment and drowning in unhappiness. Creatives are being borne by the hour and the truth of the matter is, not all of them can secure a chance to showcase their gifts through main stream media. Social media on the other hand is open for everyone who feels they have a story to tell. Whether it’s through their drawings, paintings, fashion syncs, rapping, singing, acting, comedy, life hacks; social media provides the much-needed platform for these untapped talents. One of the most lucrative and influential platforms in social media is YouTube. Pass a certain limit of views and you could earn from people appreciating your talent. How awesome is that?

YouTube is one of the most frequently accessed platforms of social media. People across the globe are always scouring for intriguing content on the application. Because of its popularity, innovators have conjured better alternative means of accessing and acquiring various content through the platform. Here are some of these remarkable alternatives.


Google happens to bully its users in the sense that they dictate how the user maneuvers through YouTube. NewPipe is an Android application for You Tube that bypasses the stern ‘Google eye’. It allows you to scour for videos, use RSS without a YouTube account, bookmark videos and download audios or videos. Guess what? With NewPipe, you can slow down or speed up videos on YouTube whether Google approves of this or not! Using this application will drape you with a thrilling feeling akin to getting away with a felony.

Given its reputation of bumping heads with Google, NewPipe is not located in Google Play Store. This is primarily due to its violation of Google’s Terms of Service. You see New Pipe uses YouTube to deliver functionality that is otherwise not even available on the web browser version of YouTube. This means that it directly taps into YouTube pages and therefore overlooks Google’s requirements. Not needing Google Play Service to install it benefits advanced users in the sense that these users can access content on YouTube while keeping their ROM Google-free (which is their frontier desire).

NewPipe starts you off with a detailed list of ‘trending’ videos. These are followed by three option buttons on the top of the screen which allow you to trade in ‘trending’ videos for ‘subscriptions’ or ‘bookmarked’ videos. Intriguing right? A feature that allows you to bookmark videos? And not to mention download audio versions only?

You know how you always encounter overlay advertisements that are not really a part of the actual video you are watching on YouTube? Well, NewPipe will only show you relevant advertisements tailored to your given video.

Where then can you get this phenomenal app? Head to the project’s GitHub page and download the NewPipe APK. Pay attention to the disclaimers about security and safety, do not just whizz to the end of the information without actually reading it.

All in all, we wish this app luck. Google is bound to go after it with guns blazing. We await attempts of NewPipe blockage by the internet giant. Our consolation is that NewPipe is an open source and therefore it will not be difficult for others to add coal to the fire and keep NewPipe burning if at all Google will manage to block it.

YouTube Vanced

The name itself gives you a feel of what this app entails. YouTube Vanced is an augmented version of the official YouTube app. You can acquire it from the Play Store.

This app comes along with impressive features such as a built-in ad blocker that tailors advantages such as preventing of tracking and provision of security with optimized data. You also get to boost your battery performance.

The updated version of YouTube Vanced brought along attractive features such as auto subtitles shifting to live captions. It also got rid of the mini video player.

This version helps you stay safe while enjoying the stream of content on YouTube.

If you have a story to tell, YouTube alternatives are there to make sure your audience doesn’t have to deal with annoying ads that are unrelated to your content and that they can slow down or speed up your video. Your content gets to be immensely enjoyed!

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