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Natural healthy hacks for tongues, armpits and zits

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We gave her the moniker “Ihuoma” because of her love for Nollywood films and her brazen beauty. Apparently the name translates to “beautiful face”, no wonder she hinted so strongly at it.

A while ago it was her birthday and as per tradition she was throwing a party to grace the occasion. Us girls showed up early for wardrobe moral support, frivolous gossip and well if we are being honest, cake. A piercing scream had us scrambling from the kitchen to Ihuoma’s bedroom. We found her locked in an intense eye contest with her full body length mirror. Someone choked back a chortle.

The reason for the shrill was an overnight appearance of a huge ripe pimple on her glabella. She was still hyperventilating when the girls started throwing weak comforting attempts towards her. I ended up suggesting she use a red marker pen for an Indian incognito. Ihuoma did not crack a smile, she was calling the party off. So much for free cake.

There are certain areas in our bodies that cause us to adorn knight armors so as to protect them from uncharacteristic appearances. These unusual sightings are often embarrassing and at times considered unhygienic.

For this particular article, we will tackle 3 common areas that we more often than not desire to keep flawless.


A scorching day calls for a light wardrobe. In order to prevent excessive sweating and odor, we often wind up choosing sleeveless clothes. This choice though does not come easy. You find yourself mulling over whether you are brave enough to let the world see the black patches on your armpits. Defeated, you end up abandoning the sleeves free apparel with a pout. You see usually your underarms should have a color that closely resembles your skin.

There are natural ways to rid yourself of the contrasting color on your armpits. But first we have to understand, what exactly results to the darkening of your underarms?

The most common causes include; deodorants that contain chemical irritants, shaving that results to irritation, accumulation of dead skin cells and friction from tight or coarse fabrics.

There are other factors that contribute to the darkening of underarms though they are not as common. Things like hyperpigmentation due to excessive smoking, increase of melanin, acanthosis nigricans which can be a symptom of either diabetes, obesity or hormones with anomalies. Incase you subject your armpits to natural treatment and it still does not budge, please seek medical attention.

Now if you are tired of rocking t-shirts in the pool instead of bathing suits, here are some helpful natural ways that you can use to lighten your underarms.

Potatoes are a yummy delicacy especially where boiling oil is involved. Apart from being a friend to our taste buds, potatoes are a natural remedy for lightening our armpits. Take two to three potatoes ( you can take more depending on their size) and grate them so as to extract their juice. Take the juice and apply it on your armpits. Let the potato juice stay there for 10 minutes then rinse your armpits with cool water.

Lemons are a common remedy for colds, pimples and even hair care. For your underarms, lemons are equally as helpful. Slice your lemon into thick pieces and rub them on both armpits. Word to the wise, DO NOT attempt this after shaving. Let the lemon juice get absorbed by the cells in your underarms for 10 minutes then rinse with cool water. Apply lotion after drying your armpits.

There is also another lemon hack which includes sugar and baking soda. Add baking soda to freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix them together then add one spoonful of sugar. Stir until you achieve a smooth consistency. A chunky paste will be harsh against your armpits resulting to abrasions.

Apply the runny mixture on both armpits and let it stay there for 10 minutes. Do this on dry armpits and once again DO NOT attempt this after shaving. The pain is akin to getting slapped when emerging from a shower.

Rinse, dry and apply a moisturizer. This particular remedy will help dwindle armpit odor, kill toxins and remove in grown hair.

Still on lemons, you can use turmeric in the place of baking soda and sugar. Squeeze lemon juice onto a bowl of turmeric. Mix the two until you get a suitable paste. Apply the concoction on both underarms and go catch a sitcom or a t.v. program. Wait for 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

If you are an egg fanatic like me then this particular remedy will be a stake through your heart. Apply egg oil on both your underarms before bed time and go to sleep with it still there. Wash your armpits the next day with lukewarm water and soap.

Well there you have it. Common kitchen ingredients that will boost your confidence during summer days.

Also try to avoid using deodorants and wearing tight or roughly textured clothes. Remember to exfoliate using a body scrub on a regular basis.
Personally, I can’t wait to rock my basketball jersey! Don’t raise your eyebrows at me.


If you are like Cardi B and thus enjoy showcasing your tongue, then you probably want it to be it’s natural color, pink. Even if you do not like sticking your tongue out, having a whitened tongue is not ideal and it is branded as unhygienic, neglect of brushing tongues.

A whitened tongue can involve patches of white hue or the whole length of the tongue having a white film. There is no particular alarm attached to this but there are rare occasions when this can be a symptom for an infection or early stages of cancer. Again, this is very rare but if at all you use these remedies and still have a whitened tongue, then it’s best to see a doctor.

Now how exactly do we get ashen tongues?

Usually it is because of the tiny bumps called papillae which line our tongues. Failure of oral hygiene will cause them to inflame. Bacteria, fungi, dirt, food and dead cells all join forces and have a party in the papillae which results to the whitening of the tongue.

This is caused by; poor brushing habits, dry mouth or dehydration, breathing through your mouth, ingesting of soft foods all the time, fever, smoking and alcohol.

The key to peeling off the whiteness on your tongue is flipping these above factors.

A common natural remedy that is used for cleaning the tongue is salt. Salt has abrasive contents that help remove dead cells and bacteria from the tongue. Just put salt on your tongue and brush your tongue gently for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing.

You can also add baking soda to your toothpaste together with a recommended oil. This particular mixture is very effective.

For tongues, oral hygiene is everything. Make sure you use a soft bristled toothbrush and brush regularly. The recommended times for brushing your teeth and tongue are twice a day and after every meal.

You can also use a mouthwash to disinfect your tongue.
Quick question, are you a tongue roller or a non-roller?


There is nothing as irritating as an ambushing pimple. You went to bed flawless and woke up with a guest sipping from a flute somewhere on your face. Usually it’s white but because you are annoyed you make it a red painful pulsating monster then it scars and becomes black. Oh the evils of these world.

You have probably heard this a thousand times but I am here to preach it to you once again. Stop popping the pimple!

Squeezing or compressing your zit will result to you removing the pus inside the pimple but not all of it. You applying pressure to the pimple contributes to the pushing down of dead skin cells further into the pore.

So technically, even when it heals you will have a bunch of dead skin cells and sebum to reckon with. This is what causes black spots. So yes, the safest way to deal with pimples that appear like Houdini is by letting them heal on their own accord.

But you have an event to go to (like Ihuoma), is there a way you can quicken the natural healing process of your assailant? Yes there is!

Warm a small amount of water and drain it into a clean container. Dip a soft clean cloth preferably a face towel in the warm water and hold it over the pimple. The warm water will help the pimple to drain naturally by loosening and opening it. When the damp cloth cools, soak it again in warm water.

Remember this should be done when the pimple is white and ripe at the very surface of the skin. Doing this before the pimple is ready will inflate it and make it even more conspicuous. Also, this method is not suitable for a black spot. The head at this point is usually hard thus unassailable.

These remedies are simple, feasible and economical. Try them out!
Oh and the party did happen, the warm water hack worked wonders.

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