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Murgor Sisters Reject Out-of-Court Settlement in Ndichu Brothers Assault Case

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Murogor sisters Reject out-of-court settlement in Ndichu brother Assault Case

Philip Murgor and his sisters

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Philip Murgor sisters have turned down an out-of-court settlement offer by the Ndichu brothers following an assault incident at the Ole Sereni Hotel in October this year.

Through their lawyer Philip Murgor, the two sisters Cheryll Murgor and Stephanie Murgor together with Samuel Ramdas, and Patrick Koech turned down offers from three lawyers and an MP to settle the matter out of court.

According to their statement to the media on Thursday, November 25, the offer was followed up with a letter that agreed to pay for the repairs for the damage to Ramdas’ car.

“We have been approached by 3 different advocates, one of whom is also an MP, all seeking an amicable out of court settlement on behalf of the Ndichu brothers. One advocate, Mr. Njenga Kiarie, from the firm of Amadi & Associates followed it up with a letter dated 26th October 2021, offering to pay for the repairs for the damage to the car belonging to Samuel Ramdas,” said Murgor.

But Murgor said they have rejected the offer and are ready to pursue the matter in court.

Murgor claims there has been an attempt to interfere with the investigations by unnamed people after Kibera Law Courts told them that the brothers would not be charged following new directives.

 “We politely rejected all the overtures, and indicated that it was in the public interest that the case proceeds to court,” he added.

At the same time, the Murgor sisters claimed there was an attempt by law enforcement agencies to influence the outcome of the ongoing matter.

They pointed out that when they appeared at the Kibera Law Courts, they were told that the twins would not be charged at all as there were new directives.

“It was also reported through social media that Munira Hassan who had hitherto been untraceable, had finally surrendered herself to the police,” Murgor added.

According to Murgor, he received call on November 19 from the Deputy DCIO Langata, asking him to present his clients, Cheryl and Patrick to record a statement, provide fingerprints, after which they would be charged alongside Munira for the offence of affray.

 “We reject these distracting sideshows, and call upon the DPP to call for the file and give appropriate directions on how the offence of affray should be investigated in the light of the explanation of self-defence offered by Cheryll and Patrick in the statements already recorded,” he stated.