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Mtwapa Woman bemoans the fact that Mariga is a Deadbeat Dad?

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Close to 14 years ago while quenching his thirst for the bottle, Mariga met Mwanahawa who was a bar attendant at a famous joint in Mtwapa, Kilifi County. Attracted by the looks, Omwami later that night continued his usual primitive appetite for women that saw him cohabit with Mwanahawa in unprotected sex for two months that led to a pregnancy.

Our sleuth on the ground has since established that despite several attempts by Mwanahawa to reach out to Mariga for child support, all her efforts over the years have been futile because the callous Mariga keeps blocking her calls anytime she finds out any of numerous new numbers and has never been there to take responsibility for the now young teenager. This makes Mariga a deadbeat parent who has never made any slightest effort to trace his own flesh and blood as the mother with no proper source of livelihood works day and night to make the world a better place for Bakari Mariga and his other siblings.

Mariga Junior, now a class six pupil at Imam Shafi Muslim Primary School in Mtwapa has a big body like the father unlike members of the local community and remains a laughing stalk in the town. Many wonder how a son of a young millionaire like Mariga would languish in abject poverty as the father rides in high end vehicles and range, lives very large in the leafy suburbs. Despite the many times Mwanahawa has begged and pleaded with Mariga to be a father to the child that he contributed to his being in this crazy world even sending emissaries including a famed football administrator from the coastal region, Mariga has never given a damn about his son.

It defeats logic that a man who cannot take care of his son parades himself as the savior who wants to give back to the society. How can one purport to give back to the society when he has abandoned Mwanahawa and her Son Bakari?

Where was Mariga during all the times that Bakari deserved to have two parents cheering him on, comforting him and directing him through life’s obstacles? It is “men” like Mariga who give Fathers a terrible name at times.

He who cannot take care of his son cannot take care of the needs of the people of Kibra.

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