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Motorists to be charged toll fees in the Nairobi Expressway for close to 3 decades

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Kenya National Highways Authority – KENHA has confirmed that private firm has been contracted and deal signed to collect the toll fees for the motorists who will plying the highway though they did not divulge the details of the firm

In public private partnerships – PPP agreement financing model, Kenya National Highways Authority – KENHA confirmed in a statement that the firm will be handed concessions to oversee the road and collect the fee from motorists in close to three decades.

The Chinese company, China Road and Bridge Corporation – CRBC will build the now famous Nairobi Expressway, the 27.1 road linking Jomo Kenyatta international airport – JKIA to Limuru Rd, the Kenya’s first double decker expressway which is estimated to cost sh.59 billion funded entirely using public-private partnership model.

It will take 27 years to recoup funds spent in the project before the private firm relinquish it back to the Government of Kenya and effectively cease from collecting toll fees from motorists.

The ambitious project started in October 2019 is scheduled to take 3 years until its completion and is touted as solution to Mombasa Road which has been plagued with incessant traffic snarl ups that last for hours which usually starts from Mlolongo to Nairobi’s Central Business District.
“the private company will be granted concessions to build, operate and transfer the project for 3o years that includes construction for the first 3 years and thereafter, operations and maintenance period of 27 years” KENHA said in a statement.

KENHA and the yet to be disclosed firm were earlier in the month seeking consultancy services from competent firms to monitor road construction and performance for the first one year upon completion. Although the window for bids closed in August 4th 2020, KENHA is yet to disclosed firms that won the bid for consultancy services.

The model of the expressway is unique and one of a kind in Kenya infrastructural landscape as its four-lane and 6-lane dual carriageway within Mombasa Road, Uhuru highway, waiyaki way and the 10 interchanges.

According to KENHA, the toll charges will be kept in special fund so as to finance the maintenance of highways and repayments of other roads built by private contractors but fail to generate enough funds to facilitate in repayment of users due to low number of users.

In late last year, there was massive outrage over proposed sh.600 toll fees as Kenyans argued that it amounted to double taxation.

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