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MoH’s Response On The Sex Factor In Coronavirus Infections

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As the corona virus infections rise in the country, the numbers have seen more men getting infected than women. A topic which sparked debate on social media on Tuesday after media personality Caroline Mutoko gave her take on the issue. Speaking during a press briefing on Tuesday, health CAS Rashid Aman addressed the issue as to why men are more vulnerable to the disease compared to women. Rashid Aman said that there are many theories that try to understand the concept behind the infections rate on men.

Aman reported that the cases in the country have shot to a total of 14,168 cases as the country registers 397 new COVID19 infections from 3,637 samples tested within the last 24 hours. Out of the new cases, 236 of them were male while 161 female. It is clear that the numbers of men getting infected are higher than that of their female counterparts judging from the numbers as from the time the country was hit by the global pandemic.

So why are men vulnerable to the virus?

According to the health CAS Aman, there are various theories that are still debating on the issue to try find out why men are infected in plenty globally compared to women, but adds the issue still remains unknown, “At this point and time we do not have a clear answer as to why the disease is infecting more men than women…” he said.

Rashid Aman also added that there still many theories out there trying to understand why some infected individuals die quickly, within a short time of infections compared to others, this is after he reported 12 more patients who have succumbed to the disease as the death toll tallies up to 250.

In his statement Aman explained that various issues on the COVID-19 infections remain unknown as scientists and researchers studies the theory behind various concepts. “I think there is a lot we are going to learn as we move through the pandemic.” He added. 

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