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Mike Oliver Speaks Out Following Social Media Controversy

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Controversial ‘woman eater’, Mike Oliver on Friday August 21 spoke out following his trending on different social platforms after he posted photos of multiple Kenyan ladies that he has slept with.

The randy man had been accused of using his skin colour and money to lure Kenyan ladies to bed as well as also reportedly infecting them with HIV.

Despite the endless criticism, Oliver appeared unbothered and called for Kenyans to flatten their bitterness curves and stop minding about his life.

Mike Oliver’s Facebook post calling for Kenyans to mind their own business after his moment of controversy on social media. Source: The Kenyan Daily Post

“It’s Friday night and there is Corona, so drink lemonade. Flatten your bitterness curves.” he wrote on his Facebook post on Friday August 21.

The Caucasian man has been causing a stir after he posted photos of different Kenyan ladies that he has had sexual contact with on Friday.

The randy man was said to be doing sex tourism in Kenya and has been relying on the fact that Kenyan ladies easily fall for men with white skin to gain success on his work.

A married woman reportedly landed herself in trouble after her husband spotted her in the controversial photos that went viral on Saturday August 22.

According to Twitter user, PhillKamara, the woman had lied to her husband that she had gone to the Coast for a work related trip and after he spotted her in Mike Oliver’s controversial photos, he connected the dots.

Photos of the many women Mike Oliver has slept with, which caused a massive social media stir. Source: The Kenyan Daily Post

”One of those girls is a wife to one of my clients. Actually sasa wako (now they are at) war mode.” Phill revealed while responding to tweet posted by Amerix underneath the #MasculinitySaturday hashtag concerning the saga.

”Her husband saw those pics. 1+1 =2. She had claimed they were on a working trip.” he added.

Besides travelling to Kenya and other African countries to enjoy natural or cultural values, historical sites, natural or built beauty that offers leisure, adventure and amusement, some male tourists have been visiting to fulfil a sexual fantasy; sleeping with local women.

Female foreigners, especially from Europe and North America also dropped their social inhibitions and, like some of their male counterparts, fly in to specifically sample local men.

The only difference is that unlike some of their male counterparts who go for underage girls, the foreign ladies target the adults.

The Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit (AHTCPU) on May 30 raised a red flag over the alarming and sudden spike in online human trafficking, recruitment and exploitation of children in Kenya, with concerns that the trend will continue for as long as children are at home and online.

This followed a German Thomas Sheller who was on the same month arrested and charged with seven counts for sodomising four teenagers aged between 10 and 13 years in Kisumu and Nairobi.

German Thomas Sheller with a police officer. He was charged with sodomising four teenagers in Kenya. Source: Capital News

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